When the top ten lighting brands voted, please call me.
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There is such a company in the lighting industry,

Ta silently conveys the cultural entertainment industry

Various moving head light beam effect lights, lamp lights, etc.

In order to give you a more exciting stage,

Ta is constantly moving forward!

Ta is the Yellow River light.

Hi, 2018 audio and lighting industry brand event begins ~

Yellow River Lighting is participating in the 2018 Top Ten Lighting Brand Selection Campaign

Now we are going to start the WeChat voting process.

You are kindly requested to cast a valuable vote for the "Yellow River Lights".

How can we vote for us?

Voting method

Pay attention to the WeChat public account "Hui Cong Brand Event"

Enter the public number menu bar,

Click on "Participation in the event",

Click on "Participate in the selection".

Next, choose the industry "audio lighting".

Go to the voting page,

Pull down to the "Top Ten Lighting Brands" line.

Click on "Yellow River Lights", "Yellow River Lights" and "Yellow River Lights"

Important things say three times

Go to the "Yellow River Lights" page and pull to the third page.

Click "Support him" to complete the vote.

On August 22, WeChat vote officially kicked off.

Throughout the voting period,

Same WeChat user/ID

You can vote every 12 hours.

I sincerely invite you to vote for the "Yellow River Light"!

Every vote of yours is very important to the Yellow River.

Is support, recognition, encouragement,

We will keep moving forward,

Make your stage more exciting.

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