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On August 17, the Yellow River Lighting held a “7S” management training meeting for the production workshop.

The aim is to continuously deepen the 7S management concept of the workshop and create a more comfortable and secure working environment for the employees.

In the management of modern enterprises, the “7S” activity has become a basic activity.

"7S" are: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso,

Clean (Seiketsu), Shitsuke, Safety, and Save.

The purpose of “7S” is to eliminate all kinds of undesirable phenomena that enterprises may face in the production process.

The training venue is selected in the production workshop. First, the manager of the production department Xu organizes the team and conveys the spirit of the training session to everyone.

The company will strictly implement 7S management and will normally carry out 7S training.

Followed by the general manager of the General Manager Wang Dan as a lecturer, explaining the meaning, goals, essence of 7S management and the significance of implementing 7S management for all colleagues in the production line.

Point out the current problems and elaborate the basic requirements and implementation priorities of 7S management.

The lecturer combines the boring theoretical content with practical examples to make the training lively and interesting, and easy to understand, so that everyone recognizes the importance and necessity of implementing 7S management.

The company will take this training as an opportunity to continuously standardize the work procedures and improve the overall quality of employees.

Through 7S management, you can reduce costs, reduce unnecessary waste, and create a clean and comfortable working and living environment.

At the same time, it lays a solid foundation for establishing a good corporate image, improving the reputation and competitiveness of the company.

If the 7S management can be implemented for a long time, it will greatly improve the mental outlook of employees.

Attracting more talents to join will be of great benefit to personal growth and corporate development.

7S is no longer just a slogan, but it is constantly being translated into action.

Only by working together can we achieve the strategic planning and strategic goals of the company more quickly.

As long as we have a sense of ownership and consciously develop the habit of participating in 7S management, the working environment will be completely new and the work efficiency will rise.

Why not do it? Let's do it together!


Corporate mission: creating a colorful life for mankind

Corporate vision: Make your stage more exciting

Corporate values:

Integrity: Words and deeds, honesty and integrity

Innovation: Creating imagination, changing life

Quality: Strict standards, excellence

Diligent: Work hard, study hard

Passion: Positive, never give up

Share: Dedication and sharing

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