Happy birthday, bless you
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Happy Birthday to you

"Happy birthday to you~ I wish you a happy birthday~~

Happy birthday to you~~~ I wish you a happy birthday~~~~",

The music rings and the birthday begins

Although it is summer heat,

But can't stop the Yellow River family

Participate in the enthusiasm of the birthday "party".

2018 Yellow River Lights August birthday party,

Open in the birthday song.

When the birthday stars still look like a meeting,

The host immediately unveiled the secret of the meeting.

Give the birthdays a surprise (surprise)~

   PART  01  

First, let's grab a small game to make the atmosphere come to the fore.

About the rules of grab the stool game:

10 Shouxing first competed for 9 stools.

If you didn't grab it, you were out (removed).

Then, 9 birthday stars competed for 8 stools and did not grab out.

With this, stick to the end is the winner.

Finally, who is the first place to grab the stool game?

Hahaha, this little brother from the Foreign Trade Department~↓

   PART   01 

   PART  02  

Then the second little game is coming,


   PART  03  

After the game is over,

   PART  04  

last of the last,

bless all of you

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Corporate vision: Make your stage more exciting

Corporate values:

Integrity: Words and deeds, honesty and integrity

Innovation: Creating imagination, changing life

Quality: Strict standards, excellence

Diligent: Work hard, study hard

Passion: Positive, never give up

Share: Dedication and sharing

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