This "lightning" code 280N, what is good? Why are so many people rushing to?
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Speaking of "lightning",

Maybe what’s in our minds is

Terrible thunderstorm weather,

The phenomenon of nature is a magical existence.


Are we seeing lightning or hearing thunder first?



See lightning first, then hear thunder

Lightning and thunder are simultaneous,

According to the propagation speed table,

The speed of sound is 340 m / s,

The speed of light propagation is 3 × 10 ^ 8 m / s,

The speed of light propagation in the air> the speed of sound propagation.

A light fixture recommended today, called "Lightning", is a beam headlight, because its beam is full and strong, and its color is sharp, which is more attractive.

1.Main feature

  • Adopting 10R/280W imported bulb, the lens adopts high-power lens, the brightness of the lamp is high, and the beam is full and strong;

  • The appearance and design are simple and generous, and the stage is neat and tidy;

  • Smooth operation and precise electronic positioning;

  • The heat dissipation system is excellent, avoiding the problem that the temperature is too high and affecting the operation of the lamp;

  • The structure is reasonable, the organization is excellent, the weight is light, and the double handles of the base are designed for convenient transportation;

  • Double prism combination: an 8 prism, a 16 prism, foldable two prisms, can be rotated and rotated to shake, bringing a dynamic effect and a vibrant atmosphere;

  • It is equipped with 11 fixed patterns, 6 glass patterns, 14 colors, white light and rainbow effects. The patterns are diverse and can meet the needs of different stage scenes;

  • Adopting the international standard DMX512 signal control protocol, it is simple, reliable and flexible;

  • Whether it is in a hotel, a bar or a concert theater, it is a good helper on the stage to bring you a wonderful performance.

2.Show results


This "lightning" is not only not terrible,

It’s quite good to bring the atmosphere,

Used to say good.

Take a look at its "lightning" effect!

3.Technical Parameters

Product number


Light source parameter

Light bulb: 10R/280W

Brand: Import Osram

Color temperature: 7000K

Control parameters

Strobe: 1-13 times / sec. It can realize the effect of instant exposure. When the light strobes and the music is connected, the atmosphere of the scene reaches a climax and creates a strong visual effect.

Control signal: DMX512 international signal

Number of channels: 16DMX, 20DMX channel number

Effect parameter

Color plate: 14 colors + white light and rainbow effect, electronic positioning

Pattern plate: 11 patterns, 6 glass patterns, white light and flowing water effect, pattern electric linear focus, electronic positioning

Scan: 540° horizontal, 260° vertical

Effect: The beam can be turned into an atomizing effect to render the live atmosphere.

Working parameters

Working voltage: AC110V-240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 450W

Safety parameter

Safety protection: When the machine is overheated or the system is faulty, the power is automatically cut off to ensure safety.

Ambient temperature: must be used in an environment below 40 °

Lamp parameters

Display: touch screen + 5 buttons

Power interface: twisted brittle head

Signal interface: 3 cores

Weight: 17.1kg

Lamp size: 39*33.5*48.7CM


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