The Yellow River Lights came to Xi'an Weiyang District to celebrate the 34th Teacher's Day, and the
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Respecting teachers and teaching is a fine tradition of China.

As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty in the 11th century BC, the "disciple of the disciples, the same as the father" was proposed.

Confucius, the ancient great educator, left a series of famous sayings such as "teaching without class", "warming the new knowledge", and "learning and learning".

In 1985, the Ninth Session of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress passed the State Council's motion on the establishment of the Teacher's Day.

It was only September 10, 1985 that was the first Teacher's Day in China. This year is the 34th Teacher's Day.

The teacher who preached and taught the profession was praised by the Chinese as an engineer of the human soul.

Today, once again, all the teachers said: Teacher, you have worked hard!

Recently, Weiyang District of Xi'an City held the 34th Teacher's Day Awards Ceremony.

Recognize advanced collectives and advanced individuals.

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At the meeting, the district head Liang Qingqing read out the "District Committee and District Government" to commend the famous teachers, famous schools and prestigious teachers of Weiyang District.

The decision of the most beautiful teachers, outstanding teachers, excellent class teachers, and advanced educators in 2018.

The leaders of the four major teams at the district level awarded the award certificates to the commended schools, principals and teachers.

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On behalf of the district committee, the district people's congress, the district government, and the district political consultative conference, Yang Jianqiang, secretary of the district party committee, expressed warm congratulations to the advanced units and advanced individuals who were commended.

Feast greetings to the faculty and retired teachers who worked hard on the front line of education.

At the commendation meeting,

More than 200 teachers and students from 8 schools in Weiyang District brought

Wonderful cultural programs such as "Tomorrow for the Motherland".

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Yellow River lighting uses high quality, high performance LED PAR lamp YR-1190-II, imaging light YR-2001A,

230W moving head beam light YR-200D-II, three primary color conference lights YR-W616WW, full color animation laser light, mist machine,

Lights for the awards ceremony and fit the theme of the event.

Lighting effect

▲Light debugging

▲Light debugging

▲Light debugging

▲Light debugging

▲ You are the focus of the stage.

▲ Dear teacher, you have worked hard and wish you all the best!

▲Light patterns, dress up the scene environment, it is pleasing to the eye.

▲Photos nostalgia, record good moments, and bless all teachers.

Drinking water, not forgetting the teacher,

The Yellow River lights wish every teacher a happy holiday!

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