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The Yellow River Light YR-260 is a 260W beam light developed for performances/bars/wedding scenes.

The lens uses a high power lens, a large diameter like a bowl, and the beam is thick.

With imported optical system, the inner core is strong and the light beam is bright, which makes the performer the focus of the stage and shines the whole audience.

This light has 13 colors, white light, rainbow effect, 1 six-color plate, 13 patterns, 4 effect patterns, 1 double-layer prism,

A three-layer honeycomb prism, a beam angle of 2.1°, a strobe of 1-13 times/second, and a function of converting a beam into a pattern effect.

A six-color disc: combined with a prism, projects a colorful effect that combines six colors.

The color is rich, the stereoscopic effect is strong, and the stage is turned into a heat wave that is super-super-motion, which is one of the best products.

Product effect

Double-layer prism + three-layer honeycomb prism, the prisms are superimposed and rotated to create brilliant brilliance.

Atomization effect, a variety of color changes, coloring environment, a good assistant to render the atmosphere.

Six-color disc: combined with a prism, it projects a colorful effect that combines six colors. Rich in color and strong in three-dimensional effect.

The pattern flow effect creates a dynamic beauty and a strong rhythm of beauty, creating an unpredictable atmosphere.


● Voltage / frequency: AC110V-240V 50/60Hz

● Rated power: 450W

● Light bulb: YODN 260W

● Strobe: 1-13 times / sec, support mechanical strobe and adjustable speed strobe

● Color temperature: 8000K

● Color: 13 colors + white hole and rainbow effect. Imported seven color films, rich in color, with a prism to produce a colorful effect, uniform color spots, pure color

● Six-color disc effect: one, with the prism can produce six color prism effect, strong stereoscopic effect, let the stage roll the heat wave

● Pattern: 13 patterns + white light

● Effect plate: 4 effect patterns, white light holes

● Scanning: 540° horizontal and 260° vertical, using photoelectric reset error correction

● Effect: It can be converted into a pattern effect by the beam, the brightness effect is satisfactory, and the concentrating performance is good.

● Prism: a double-layer prism, a three-layer honeycomb prism, the prism can be superimposed and rotated to present a colorful effect.

● Beam angle: 2.1°, linear focus adjustment

● Safety protection: When the machine is overheated or the system is faulty, the power is automatically cut off.

● Control mode: 16 / 20 channels, international standard DMX512, master / slave / automatic

● Touch display: fine workmanship, screen can be reversed, switch between Chinese and English, automatically off screen, can display each power-on time and running time, can be restored to factory settings

● Light bulb on mode: can be set to automatically light up on the power, manual light bulb, the console bright bulb

● Intelligent sleep: After the light is turned off for half an hour, the whole machine enters the sleep state, effectively extending the life of the light bulb. Any channel change can wake up

● Net weight: 17.1kg

● Size: as shown below↓

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