[Product recommendation] The reason for choosing YR-132 BEAM is here.
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The Yellow River lights have a beam light

The model number is YR-132.

small volume,

It is one of its advantages.

一、the main features

Imported optical system, the beam effect is good.

Transform patterns and colors as required by stage lighting design.

Small size, light weight, and less force to carry.

Long life, economical and practical, cost-effective.

The bulb is 2R/132W, which reduces the degree of glare.

The total power of the luminaire is 260W, which greatly reduces the requirements on the power supply load of the site.

The strobe + water effect creates a dynamic atmosphere.

When the lights are used, the scene becomes rich and spectacular and amazing.

Applicable places: bars, weddings, casinos, KTV and other highly restricted stages.

二、Technical Parameters

Product number


Light source parameters:

Light bulb: 2R/132W

Color temperature: 8000K

Control parameters:

Strobe: 1-10 times / sec

Control signal: international standard DMX512 signal

Control channel: 11/14 DMX channels (switchable)

Operating mode: DMX, manual, self-propelled, voice control and master-slave

Effect parameters:

Color plate: 13 colors, white light, rainbow effect, electronic positioning

Pattern plate: 8 patterns, 7 different sizes of light beams, flowing water effect, pattern electric linear focus, electronic positioning

Scan: 630° horizontal, 235° vertical

Prism: 1 octagonal prism, can be reversed

Working parameters:

Working voltage: AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 260W

Safety parameters:

Safety protection: When the body is overheated, or the system is faulty, the power is automatically cut off.

Ambient temperature: 40° or less

Lamp parameters:

Net weight: 12kg

Size: 430*247*338mm

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