On the road of charity, accompanied by peers, this is the lifestyle they have chosen.
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As long as we can do what we can to help people we can help,

We are doing public welfare.

Don't be small and small, as long as we are in action, we can bring about change.

Public welfare can be a happy way of life, helping others to be happy as well.

Recently, Guangdong Lions Club (Guangzhou) Third Representative Office Guardian Service Team

The theme of "starting from the heart, peers in the public interest"

The inauguration ceremony of 2018-2019 and the tribute to the former captain were held.

▲The whole team took a group photo

▲ Issuance of the letter of appointment (Yang Longfu, General Manager of the Right Six Yellow River Lighting)

▲ Collective thanks to the captain of 2017-2018

Event organizers and participating guests took time out of their busy schedules and actively participated in public welfare activities.

The event mainly focused on the handover ceremony of the old and new captains, the annual work report of the former captain, the annual financial work report of the service team, the sharing of public welfare of the members of the service team, the welcome of new members, the gratitude of the old players and the public auction.

▲2017-2018 captain to do work report

▲The new captain made a speech

▲ handover ceremony

▲The members of the office conference read the promised words (Yang Longfu, general manager of the left five Yellow River Lighting)

▲Thanks and annual recognition

▲Public auction

▲Communication and learning experience sharing

Yang Longfu, general manager of Yellow River Lighting, is a member of the service team.

Has been committed to helping poor families and children, helping students and so on.

This time, Mr. Yang took the company’s four volunteers and the “Liangjian” three-in-one moving headlights to help the charity activities.

Add a colorful, vibrant atmosphere to the scene

At the scene, there was also the captain of the concentric team, Tang Ning, who sang two songs.

The song is pleasant,

The lighting is more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

The change of the world is not a lot of people doing, but everyone pays a little.

Public welfare is not an unreachable act, but a normal way of life that everyone chooses.

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