Outdoor performance "rain god"? YR-IP350 is fearless!
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Referring to the "big black cow", I think of the artist Li Chen of the variety show "Running"?

Because it shows strong and powerful in the show, it is named ","

This became his person's design, label, and pronoun.

Our YR-IP350,

We give it the title according to its characteristics - "Buffalo",

Why is this?

Because it is not afraid of water, it is still very strong.

一、Buy stage lights, what to consider?

What is the effect?

The IP350 is a three-in-one waterproof moving head light with beam, pattern and dyeing.

Its life?

Stay with you for a long time and make you value for money.

Its price?

About the price, guaranteed benefits.

The Yellow River Light "Buffalo" YR-IP350 adopts high-performance waterproof technology, low consumption and high brightness, energy saving and longevity. It combines beam-pattern-dyeing and is the darling of large outdoor stage.


Equipped with 16 prism + 6 gradient mirror, a variety of combined lighting effects, a good helper to render the stage atmosphere;

The spot uniformity is good and the brilliance effect is rich;

The beam can be converted into a pattern effect, and the angle range is adjustable;

Protection value IP55, can cope with rainy performances or wet weather;

Light bulb on mode: can be set to automatically light up on the power, manual light bulb and console light bulb;

三、Technical Parameters

Light, power system

Working voltage: AC110V-240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 450W

Light bulb: 17R; 350W

Light source color temperature: 8000K

Strobe: 1-13 times / sec, support mechanical strobe and adjustable speed strobe.

Optical system

The illumination angle is 3.8°-45°, which is linearly adjustable.

Shaking head parameter

Scanning: Three-phase motor, horizontal 540°, vertical 270°, using photoelectric reset error correction.

Effect configuration

Color: 14 colors + white light and rainbow effect

Pattern: 14 patterns + blank, 9 rotating patterns + blank, pattern electric focus zoom function.

Effect: Three-in-one light path, which can be converted into a pattern or soft light effect by the beam, the angle is adjustable, the beam pattern is uniform, and the edge is clear.

Prism: 1 16 prism, 1 6 gradient mirror.

Control System

Control mode: DMX512 / master / slave / automatic

Number of channels: 16CH or 20CH (switchable)

Operating temperature


safety protection

Automatically cut off the power when the unit is overheated or the system fails

Weight and size

Light body size: 480*410*640mm

Net weight: 27.6kg

Protection class IP55

Corporate mission: creating a colorful life for mankind

Corporate vision: Make your stage more exciting

Corporate values:

Integrity: Words and deeds, honesty and integrity

Innovation: Creating imagination, changing life

Quality: Strict standards, excellence

Diligent: Work hard, study hard

Passion: Positive, never give up

Share: Dedication and sharing

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