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From about 1998 to 2018, the Spring Festival Gala is the ending song "Unforgettable Today", which is a stage visual design.

Without the exquisite lighting, can the stage meet the tastes of the new era? Can you still meet the needs of the public visual viewing?

The answer is definitely not.

China created the first TV set in 1958. It was the TV media that appeared and was widely used. The TV literary evening in the late 1950s was born in China.

If there is no light, what do we have to do on TV?

The lighting is not only to match the cameraman to provide light to the camera, but also to complete the artistic creation of the TV literary evening.


   The lighting design for the party

The program of a cultural evening has high and low effects, so it is necessary to grasp the rhythm of the program and handle the help of the lighting effect.

To design a party's lighting, you must first know the theme and type of the party in order to be properly arranged.

The theme of the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival is based on reunion. At this time, the lights should be dominated by warm colors.

The party asked the lighting designer to communicate with the director to understand the desired effect and skillfully use each lighting fixture to bring a wonderful visual feast to the audience.

The scene lighting of the TV literary evening should be in accordance with the lighting theory, such as optical knowledge, aesthetic knowledge, instrument lighting, color application, etc.

Hierarchical lighting: Because the stage space is large, the lighting range is divided into up, down, front, middle, and back, creating a sense of layering and three-dimensionality.

The integration of the light: the light requirements to meet the luminosity requirements of each camera, to avoid glare from the lens.

Personalization of cloth light: The host, singer, performer, etc. have a fixed position, considering the effect of the performance should be carefully arranged, so that the face light of the person is natural.


   Attention to the lighting of the party

The lighting designer should observe the stage from the perspective of the camera's position, and the lighting effect should be presented through the camera lens;

Pay attention to the light color rendering, ensure that the brightness of the evening party screen in the TV is balanced, and the picture should have a layered feeling;

The lighting in the audience area should also be dealt with seriously, such as the backlighting of the audience area, and the proper handling of the audience can set off the interactive atmosphere of the audience;

Lighting treatment ensures color harmony and adapts to the theme.

In addition to the need for appropriate scenes, sound effects and props, a successful stage pays more attention to the design of stage lighting which can bring unexpected effect for party.

The lighting engineers should constantly sum up from the practice again and again, wisely combining the art of lighting with the artistic show, providing a more wonderful stage effect for people,which meet the aesthetic standard of times and enrich people's cultural life.

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