Liangjian YR-350-II "appears" Huadu Peninsula Cup Youth Culture and Art Festival opening ceremony!
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Under the handsome appearance,

What is hidden inside?

The strength of the sword is deductive, let you "love at first sight"!

Three-in-one moving head light of the Yellow River lights bright sword YR-350-II

Recently, I have frequently appeared on the scenes of major events.

With its super penetrating beam,

Received the enthusiasm of event organizers.

Today, I will introduce you to you again.

Bright sword YR-350-II

Let’s take a look at the long ↓ ↓

Looked at the appearance,

Have to look at what the TA has,

Please take a look at some of the beautiful pictures sent back from the event. ↓

▲The blue pattern light, with the melodious guzheng sound, the scene is noble and elegant.

▲ Warm yellow and green, highlighting the vitality and anger of the little girls, such as the new willow buds. The young age is so good, it is the child of someone else.

▲Hundreds of good filial piety, everyone must remember and act. Calligraphy can calm people, with shiny grass and green as the background, and praise for the children.

▲The current children are really versatile, cool and personal. With the super white light shining stage, with their performances, they are the brightest stars on the stage.

There is also a video of the small model catwalk, dynamic music, dancing light, and the stage is picked up. ↓

Look at the perfect picture and video, then take a look at the technical parameters of the bright sword.

More demo effects↓

——  END  ——

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