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Yang Longfu, General Manager of Yellow River Lighting

Bring company technology elites, business elites,

Go to the Guangzhou TV studio to visit.

Exchange design ideas for the stage lighting of the studio.

Why do the studios use LED panel lights?

Because the color spots are even, the light is not glaring,

The color of the shooting is pure and natural, close to the true color.

Used for sidelight modification to increase the level of facial transition.

What should I pay attention to in the lighting design of the studio?

First of all, be clear

The actual conditions and background design of the studio.

For the layout of the studio lighting,

To set off the main image,

Delineate the level of the subject and background.

Second, learn more about the performance characteristics of the video recording device.

Fully consider the subject

Facial features, hair accessories, clothing and other factors,

In order to achieve the desired picture through lighting.

Light, like there is a kind of magic,

Appear in the right place,

Meet the needs of vision and emotion.

In the corporate culture of the Yellow River Light

One is a “growth culture”.

Intention to emphasize that everyone needs to always

Learn, improve, grow,

So always seize the good communication opportunities,

Keep improving on products,

It is the quality that the Yellow River people insist on.

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