YELLOW RIVER: Accompany with love, help education with love

March 21, 2023

Education is the vital task of a nation, the most fundamental cause of a nation, and the foundation of a century-old dream. In order to make a modest contribution to education and help revitalize rural education, the Guangdong Lions Club Service team has invited a number of joint service teams, enthusiastic enterprises and social organizations to donate warm clothes worth nearly 220,000 yuan to rural primary schools in remote mountainous areas in the spring and summer of 2023.

The students who have been supported by this financial aid will not only gain material aid, but also spiritual satisfaction. This kind of spiritual nutrition is far from only stay in the recipient, it will be a spiritual wealth, nourish numerous students to grow up, encourage them to study hard, learn to succeed. Thanksgiving hometown, return to society. Children, we will come again, in your growth on the road, please believe that there will always be our warm eyes accompanied. Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in this activity. Love is not the beginning, not the end, we have been on the road.

Mr. Yang's act of kindness is a concrete action to support education, poverty alleviation and public welfare. At the same time, we hope the students will turn this care into the motivation to strive upward, forge ahead in adversity, establish lofty ideals, study hard, strive for good grades, and repay the society for their care with practical actions. We believe that with such help, these children will surely work harder, aim high, work hard, combine virtues and talents, live up to the care of the society, and create a better future.


Yang Longfu express that:“ It is a great honor to witness the launch ceremony of dream, Lion Love Warm hearts of students together with the members present, and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you. This donation activity is of great significance. I hope that the students who participate in the activity today will turn the love of the society into the motivation of learning, study hard, live happily, develop comprehensively and become useful people to the society in the future. Live up to the love of all sectors of society. Teachers and students will be more careful management, teaching, learning, to catch up with the state of learning.”

    Since joining the Guangdong Lions Club, Mr. Yang has participated in many charity projects. Guangdong Lions Club is a social charity voluntary service organization. Yang Longfu represents Yellow River Light as one of them. The significance of this donation return visit activity is far from only material donations, more important is to encourage and support the students in the mountainous areas in spirit. We Hope them will  always have a heart of gratitude, cherish learning opportunities in the future. We wish they can promote their growth and determined to give back to the society, do not forget the original intention, love and kindness carry forward.

    Yellow River Lighting is committed to creating stage lighting, adding color to the stage. Each person has their own stage in life, and we strive to create more beautiful stages for different people when we can. This activity reflects this purpose. Yellow River Lighting as a professional stage lighting company, in doing our own work at the same time, shoulder social responsibility. We will continue to work hard to build a better stage. We have been to "create a rich and colorful life for human profits" as the mission, adhering to the "make your stage more wonderful" the corporate vision. And we vigorously hold high the banner of quality and service, adhere to the pioneering and innovative corporate philosophy, so that the Yellow River brand reputation at home and abroad, to serve the world's new and old customers. 


  Education is the foundation of the foundation of the country, and the development of education and administration is the basic strategy of the country. The sponsorship of education by social organizations is not only beneficial to the development of education, but also to harmonize the relationship between social organizations and educational units. Conducive to the organization of talent recruitment and training. It is helpful to establish a good image that social organizations care about social education.


    As the founder of the YELLOW RIVER LIGHTING, Yang Longfu has always passed on good values to our employees: Value is to make oneself happy, but also to help others. The pleasure you get when you help others is unmatched by anything else you do. Yellow River Lighting will continue to giving back to the community.

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