The celebration of the 2024 Yellow River Lighting Annual Meeting has come to a successful conclusion!

January 31, 2024

The annual Yellow River Lighting Ceremony was grandly launched on the Yellow River Stage of the company on January 27, 2024!

More than 20 years of trials and hardships, more than 20 years of hard work, more than 20 years of perseverance, we have witnessed the footprint of the company's growth, we have never forgotten the original heart - "Let your stage more exciting!" Set sail in 2024, we are bound to create more brilliant!


The annual meeting mainly has the following chapters: venue sign-in, leadership speech, performance, award ceremony and warm New Year's Eve dinner. Everyone took a photo together, laughing, the crowd surging.

The hosts were Chen Bajour and Zhu Tianyue from Guangzhou branch. The programs prepared by the other departments were also wonderful and the stage effect was beautiful. Next, follow my steps to review the Yellow River light this lively annual meeting

First of all, Yang Longfu, chairman of the Yellow River Lighting, delivered a speech. Look back on the fruitful 2023 and look forward to a new journey in 2024. On the eve of the Spring Festival, Mr. Yang, as the helm of our Yellow River lighting, expressed his sincere wishes and ardent expectations for the Yellow River family: affirmed and praised the achievements we have made in the past year's work; At the same time, we also pointed out some shortcomings in other places. Yang stressed that we should be honest, innovation, quality, diligence and other core values, encourage us to be more full attitude and more pragmatic work style to treat everything at work, to achieve your vision and strive! Yang's wonderful speech made people excited, and the next wonderful performance will push the atmosphere of the scene to another climax!



Dance barbecue
A fluttering heart

Big hit

Preface to the Orchid Pavilion


Kong Fu

Jiu Er

recite: I like working

Guitar playing
God of Wealth

Jointly produced by the General Manager Office, Business Department and Finance department, I Love Working uses humorous expressions and rich body language, coupled with cadence and intonation, and the program effect is directly full! People on the stage to enjoy the performance, the audience laughed, the program won the second prize is expected!

Production department colleague Ou Weisen for our love to perform the guitar solo, melodious music and a sense of the tune of the story touched every audience present, "Untitled" won the annual meeting program performance of the third prize deserved!

Finally, the "God of Wealth" program brought by the small partners of the Guangzhou branch pushed the atmosphere to the climax, the God of wealth is dispersed all over the sky red envelopes, big friends children have tiptoe to grab red envelopes, touch the lion's head to receive wealth, the next year must be prosperous, good body! "The God of Wealth" won the first prize of the annual meeting program!


In the lively and cheerful atmosphere, came to the most exciting moment, awarded prizes for the most lovely colleagues of Yellow River Lighting, thank them for their silent pay this year, it is because of their hard work and excellent performance that the company has brilliant achievements and a good future!

Third Prize
Second Prize

First Prize
Special Prize

At the end of the performance, all the members sang "Grateful Heart" and took a group photo, thanking the company for this platform to let us show our style; Gratitude to the leadership of the teaching and cultivation; Grateful for the support and companionship of colleagues, grateful for all ~

Laughter and words old, dragon tenghu Yue make the New Year; The 2024 Yellow River Lighting Annual Meeting has come to a successful end! Here in advance to wish all friends a happy New Year, wealth, happiness and health!



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