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In the interior space, there are two types of light sources: natural light and artificial light. In display design, artificial light is usually used or can be combined with natural light. Day lighting and illumination play a decisive role in the design effect of exhibition space. With the progress of society, the development of science and technology, lighting equipment will continue to update, will bring us more visual enjoyment. Therefore, the design of lighting should pay more attention to the consciousness of innovation, so that the display of empty and old lighting design to achieve the effect of functional, artistic support.


The design of exhibition hall is often composed of a series of units such as content theme, expression form, overall layout, etc., but in addition to these main things, there are many details that can not be ignored, such as color collocation, lighting layout and other content. If the theme of the exhibition is "soul", lighting can often enhance the value of this "soul". No matter what kind of pavilion, if the lighting design is not ideal, then it can be said that the whole pavilion design is a failure.


The color of the light source can be expressed in terms of color temperature. Theory and practice have proved that the color of light source according to its color temperature will give people a cold or warm feeling. For example, red, orange, yellow, brown and other warm colors often give people hot, excited, passionate, mild feeling; Green, blue, purple and other cool colors often give people calm, cool, open, transparent feeling. In the design of the pavilion, different color temperatures can be selected according to the tonality expressed by the pavilion.


Light and shadow is an inseparable whole, light and shadow art has rich artistic expression. The perception of three - dimensional shape depends on the difference in light and shade between convex and convex surfaces. General diffuse light and positive light are not easy to produce deep three-dimensional sense, the lack of shadow will make all forms appear dull. Artificial strong light is easy to hinder the rendering effect of the original shape, and only appropriate light and shade changes can show the real plasticity of the three-dimensional part. Artificial lighting also needs to adjust the appropriate projection Angle and light intensity according to the characteristics of the object being illuminated, in order to increase the level of the display object and the display environment.


Alice Manor is located in Zhachang Village, Chengbei Town, Meijiang District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province. It is about 5 kilometers away from Meizhou city, covering an area of more than 1,500 mu, of which the first phase has been developed over 500 mu. The manor introduces Taiwan's exquisite leisure agriculture model, featuring various rare flowers such as cherry blossom and tulip and European cabins in different shapes. And it builds four functional plates, including cherry blossom Valley, tulip garden, rose corridor and Butterfly Valley.


Alice Manor has been awarded the national 3Alevel scenic spot.The first phase of the park such as forest shops, romantic cafes tourist restaurants and rail trains. has been completed and is open to tours all year round. The vast number of tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful sea of flowers. Walk through the forest path, taste the world food, but also be in the fairy tale world feel the edifying influence of art, enjoy the dream travel of old and young people together. The development and construction of the manor successfully promoted the integrated development of  tourism and urban agriculture, directly boosted the sales of surrounding farmers and agricultural

products, transformed traditional agriculture into modern leisure agriculture.

We used long lifespan Citizen COB 200W light source in this profile , thre are four built-in barndoors which can be easily create different shapes. No heat dissipation problem will occur because of complete aluminum house and good quality  fan , our inner structure design can ensure the stable quality and  lifespan of light source, thus It's one of our best selling products led profile.

The most attractive point of the 80W led moving head beam is the brightness, although the power is 80W, its brightness can reach 72000 lux@5 meters, it is with long lifespan LED source and not to be very hot while working.

It has two color wheels, 1 color wheel includes: 11pcs colors + CTO+ 1pc CTB + White which can create semi-color effect, bi-direction flow effect. 1 pcs 6-color wheel which can create a rainbow effect with prism.


1.What about the lead time?
3-5 days for sample , 20-30 days for mass production depending on actual order size.
2.How to proceed an order for stage light?
Firstly, let us know your requirements or application. Secondly, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. Thirdly, customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order. Fourthly, we arrange the production.
3.Can you do ODM ,OEM?
yes ,sure.


1.The senior management team is mostly composed of 6-21 years of senior industry personnel. At present, the company has three R & D centers and three brands: Yellow River Lighting, Yagelai and Yagesi.
2.In September 2006, we founded “U.K. YA GE LAI LIGHTING &AUDIO (HONG KONG) LIMITED” through cooperating with U.K. YA GE LAI international group and will be responsible for oversea marketing and development.
3.The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, environmental management system and other certifications.
4.We has seven offices in China and We have more than 2000 global brand agents and project contractors.

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