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You’re in the right place for led moving head wash.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Yellow River.we guarantee that it’s here on Yellow River.
The product is durable in terms of waterproofing. The water repellent coating is not prone to break down over time and with use. .
We aim to provide the highest quality led moving head wash.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • YR-M4007Q 280W Moving Head Beam and Wash
    YR-M4007Q 280W Moving Head Beam and Wash
    For market demand we released thisLED Zoom Moving head with the latest technology. Zoom angle:9°-44°,the pixel LED control and overall LED control present more pattens to meet the customer application. Especially the smooth motor was used , it can rotate fast with no noise. sharpy beam shooted out from the ultra led 40W(7 QUAD) bring the audience stunning feeling that never experienced from other mini beams. High efficiency cooling system and Intelligent speed control fan enables the unit working safely. and environmentally friendly. we see it a new increasing point in the bar, club and disco market. 
  • YR-COB200Z LED Moving head wash
    YR-COB200Z LED Moving head wash
    We used Citizen brand LED 200W with a life span of 20000H  and CCT:5600KThis item supports RDM, its Color wheel including 4 colors (R,G,B,Y) + white, semi-color effect +bi-direction flow effect.Its beam angle is 14-60 degrees.And Pan movement 540°/2.1 seconds, tilt movement 270° /1.1 seconds
  • Wholesale Yellow River 40W Mini Led Moving Head Wash YR-W1004H with Good Price - Yellow River
    Wholesale Yellow River 40W Mini Led Moving Head Wash YR-W1004H with Good Price - Yellow River
    This Mini-led moving head wash with 10Wx4pcs 6 in 1 led lamp. Its beam angle is 25 degrees. We can do mini led moving head wash, led moving head spot, and led moving head beam in the same case, they look like a family series. Yellow River Wholesale Yellow river 40W Mini led moving head wash YR-W1004H with good price - Yellow River,Yellow River lighting established in 1999,focusing on stage lighting for 21 years.
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