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  • Quality Silent Led Panel Light YR-W480M LED Wall Washer Light - Yellow River Lighting
    Quality Silent Led Panel Light YR-W480M LED Wall Washer Light - Yellow River Lighting
    The Silent Led Panel light is an innovative lighting solution that offers exceptional brightness while operating in complete silence. The technology used within this panel light ensures silent operation, making it suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments such as hospitals and libraries. This LED panel light provides a uniform distribution of light across the room, creating an ambient atmosphere perfect for any setting. Its slim design makes it easy to install on the ceiling or wall, providing flexibility when designing your space's layout. With energy-efficient LEDs that provide long-lasting illumination and low maintenance requirements, this silent LED panel light is a reliable choice for commercial and residential applications alike. Whether you're looking to brighten up your workspace or create an inviting ambiance at home, the Silent Led Panel Light delivers high-quality lighting with no background noise disturbance.
  • Professional Yellow River 360W Led Wall Washer YR-W1036Q
    Professional Yellow River 360W Led Wall Washer YR-W1036Q
    Led ArcPad  wall washer is an indispensable light for many occasions,we have 10Wx36pcs(RGBW 4IN 1 ) Led ArcPad  wall washer which may meet your need.Fan speed of this led wall washer can be  automatically adjusted according to machine temperature. The maximum noise is 43..3dB(1m distance). 25°/45°beam angle for optional and 11/6CH switchable.Many customers gave us a good feedback about our wall washer.What are you waiting for, come and communicate with us.Yellow River Professional Yellow river 360W led wall washer YR-W1036Q manufacturers,In September 2006, we founded “U.K. YA GE LAI LIGHTING &AUDIO (HONG KONG) LIMITED” through cooperating with U.K. YA GE LAI international group and will be responsible for oversea marketing and development.
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