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Yellow River [ is processed by the advanced Pulse-Width Modulation constant current technology which controls the artificial circuits with the help of the microprocessor to control or change the power. .
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  • Best Moving Head Beam Factory 380W Beam Moving Head Light YR-380B
    Best Moving Head Beam Factory 380W Beam Moving Head Light YR-380B
    Moving head beam consists of a light source, reflectors, lenses and motors that allow it to move in different directions. With its ability to swivel and move in different directions, this moving head spot YR-380B can create stunning visual effects that were previously impossible with traditional stationary lights. The moving head beam typically consists of a lamp or LED light source mounted on a motorized base that can pan, tilt, and rotate at various speeds. This allows lighting designers to precisely control the position and movement of the beam, creating dynamic patterns and shapes on stage or during events such as concerts or parties.
  • Best Moving Light Manufacturers Beam 250w Moving Head Lights
    Best Moving Light Manufacturers Beam 250w Moving Head Lights
    The beam produced by the beam 250w moving head is characterized by its brightness, intensity, and reach. It can project a narrow and powerful beam of light over long distances, making it suitable for highlighting specific areas or objects on stage, creating dramatic effects, or adding depth and dimension to the overall lighting design.This is one of our popular moving head beams, we used the original Philips lamp and adjusted the inner lighting path structure, thus its brightness is even much better than some 380W moving head beams, its beam is very full and sharp, 450000 lux 10meters. The most important thing is its positioning is very accurate and XY movement is very smooth and fast, 1.9 s for pan, 1 s for tilt, it also support RDM, with touch screen, power-con in and power-con out, etc.
  • Recognition degree of Yellow river lighting manufactures!
    Recognition degree of Yellow river lighting manufactures!
    Yellow River Professional manufacturer,the senior management team is mostly composed of 6-21 years of senior industry personnel. At present, the company has three R & D centers and three brands: Yellow River Lighting, Yagelai and Yagesi. Since 1999, we are always pay much attention to product quality and service ,we have many different regular customers from different countries, some regular customers even grow up with yellow river and we even can say , yellow river products helped them to grow up fastly,of course ,we also can say ,these honest customers helped yellow river become stronger and stronger!
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