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Custom led beam 250w moving head Manufacturer | Yellow River

Without filaments or glass enclosures, the product is breakage resistant and largely immunes to vibrations and other impacts.

This is one of our popular moving head beams, we used the original Philips lamp and adjusted the inner lighting path structure, thus its brightness is even much better than some 380W moving head beams, its beam is very full and sharp, 450000 lux 10meters. The most important thing is its positioning is very accurate and XY movement is very smooth and fast, 1.9 s for pan, 1 s for tilt, it also support RDM, with touch screen, power-con in and power-con out, etc.

Illumination diagram

Product Details

The beam 250w moving head is an exceptional lighting fixture that combines power and versatility. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this device emits a sharp and intense beam of light, capable of illuminating even the largest stages or venues with its impressive brightness. The 250-watt lamp inside ensures a strong illumination that can reach long distances, allowing for dynamic effects to be projected across the space effortlessly. With its compact size and lightweight design, this moving head offers easy installation and portability, making it an ideal choice for touring events or mobile setups. Additionally, it boasts a wide range of features such as precise pan/tilt movements, variable strobe speeds, customizable gobo patterns, vibrant color mixing capabilities through its color wheel system—all controllable via DMX or built-in programming options. Whether used in concerts, theaters, clubs or any other live performances requiring spectacular lighting displays,the beam 250w moving head delivers unparalleled visual impact while adding depth and dimension to any event setting

The advantages of a 250W beam moving head light include

Brightness: A 250W beam moving head light is equipped with a powerful 250-watt bulb or LED source, which produces a bright and intense beam of light. This allows it to cut through the ambient lighting and create highly visible and impactful effects.

Long Throw Distance: With its high power output, a 250W beam moving head light can project light over long distances. This makes it suitable for large venues, outdoor events, and stages where a wide coverage area is needed.

Sharp and Defined Beam: The beam produced by a 250W moving head light typically has a narrow and concentrated focus. This creates a sharp, well-defined beam that can be precisely directed and manipulated for various lighting effects.

Fast and Accurate Movement: A 250W beam moving head light is designed to have quick and precise pan, tilt, and rotation movements. This allows for dynamic and fluid lighting changes, perfect for creating energetic and engaging visuals during performances.

Versatile Effects: Beam moving head lights often come with a range of built-in effects such as gobos, prism splitting, and different color options. These features allow for endless creativity and flexibility in designing unique lighting displays.

Compact Design: Despite its powerful output, a 250W beam moving head light is usually designed to be compact and lightweight. This makes it easy to transport, set up, and integrate into various stage or event setups.

DMX Control: Most 250W beam moving head lights are compatible with DMX control systems, allowing for seamless integration with other lighting fixtures and controllers. This offers greater control and synchronization of lighting effects during performances.

High-Quality Construction: Beam moving head lights are typically constructed using durable and robust materials. They are built to withstand the demands of professional use, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Energy Efficiency: The use of LED technology in many 250W beam moving head lights contributes to their energy efficiency. LED sources consume less power compared to traditional bulbs, resulting in reduced energy costs and environmental impact.

Professional Lighting Design: A 250W beam moving head light adds a professional and polished look to any lighting setup. Its powerful beam and versatile effects create captivating visuals that enhance the overall ambiance and atmosphere of live performances or events.

A beam 250w moving head light refers to a lighting fixture that utilizes a 250-watt lamp to produce a concentrated beam of light. It is often used in professional lighting setups for events, concerts, theaters, clubs, and other venues where dynamic and impressive lighting effects are desired. The  250W BEAM  is able to emit a super-concentrated  solid  beam  with a beam angle as small as 1.3° and a surprising light output. In addition to the moving head functionality, these fixtures often come equipped with various features such as gobo projection (projecting custom patterns or images), color mixing (creating vibrant color combinations), adjustable beam angles, speed control, strobe and dimming effects, and compatibility with DMX lighting control systems.

With a price-point, physical size and power consumption that disguise its strength and creative potential, this 250W moving head beam enables a new world of expression in touring, events, TV, theatre and installed lighting markets.

Product Parameters:



110V ~240V

Power consumption


Light Source



Color temperature


Control Mode






Optical System           

Gobo wheel

13 fixed gobo+white

Color wheel 

14 colors+white + semi color effects

Six-color wheel 

1pcs, work with a prism can present the effect of six-color prism

Prism Wheel1

1 pcs three layers honeycomb prism

Prism Wheel2

1pcs 16 prism


1pc  frost glass






Beam angle

1.3°, Linear focus

Featured Effect

1 pcs 14-color+white wheel+semi color effects
1 pcs three layers honeycomb prism,1pcs 16 prism                                                                            

Touch Screen Display

Reversible display, English-Chinese language switchable, automatic screen, off/lasting bright screen, record lighting time, the software version information, fault inspection, restore factory Settings

Safety Protection

Will cut off the power automatically when the fixture is overheating or with system error

Machine W. Size


Net Weight







Color Wheel

Color Wheel











Prism 1

Prism 1


Prism 1 Rotation

Prism 1 Rotation


Prism 2 

Prism 2 


Prism 2 Rotation

Prism 2 Rotation








Pan Fine

Pan Fine





Tilt Fine

Tilt Fine


Pan/Tilt Speed

Pan/Tilt Speed


Frost&6 color wheel

Frost&6 color wheel


Lamp On/Reset

Lamp On/Reset




Color Wheel Speed


Dimmer-Prism-Frost Speed


Gobo Wheel Speed

Features of moving head lights

The beam 250w moving head lights comes with several notable features that contribute to its versatility and functionality. Here are some key features of the fixture:

1. Bright Output: The 250-watt lamp produces a powerful beam of light that can reach long distances and create intense lighting effects.

2. Moving Head Functionality: This fixture is equipped with motorized pan and tilt movements, allowing for precise positioning and directing of the light beam in any direction.

3. Gobo Projection: The moving head beam typically includes a gobo wheel with various patterns or images that can be projected onto surfaces, adding visual interest and texture to your lighting design.

4. Color Mixing: It often features a color wheel with multiple colors, enabling you to create vibrant and dynamic color combinations and transitions.

5. Beam Angle Adjustment: The fixture usually offers adjustable beam angles, allowing you to modify the width and focus of the light beam to suit different requirements.

6. Speed Control: You can control the speed of the moving head movements, gobo rotation, and color changes, allowing for smooth and synchronized transitions.

7. DMX Compatibility: It is typically compatible with DMX lighting control systems, providing seamless integration with other fixtures and enabling you to program and synchronize complex lighting sequences.

8. Strobe and Dimming Effects: The moving head beam often includes adjustable strobe and dimming functions, allowing you to create pulsating or fading effects.

9. Cooling System: The fixture is equipped with an efficient cooling system to prevent overheating during extended use.

These features make the 250w Moving Head Beam a versatile and powerful tool for creating stunning lighting effects in various applications, such as concerts, theaters, clubs, and special events.

Light Effect:






Product Appearance:


Illumination diagram:





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