Bar lighting atmosphere design commonly used lighting


Space cannot exist without light, and it is with light that space exists. Lighting is a detail that cannot be ignored in bar design. For entertainment places such as bar KTV, lighting decoration design is a crucial part.

Every change of lighting will bring different feelings to consumers, and the mood will change accordingly. For example, in places with dark lights and cool colors, the lights will be gradually dimmed to a certain extent, allowing people to enter a psychedelic state and reach a very excited state. Commonly used lights in bars include: beam lights, moving head pattern lights, LED moving head dyeing lights, laser lights, etc.

1. Beam lamp: As a relatively new type of lighting fixture, the beam lamp has the characteristics of small size, strong beam and good light-gathering effect. When in use, the color can also be temporarily adjusted according to the needs, and the light and color can be continuously changed through the control of the dimming console, so as to achieve a strong effect of contrasting light and color in the venue.

2. Laser lights

The laser light is the finishing touch of the bar, corresponding to the beam light.

Dazzling, cool, and all-round scanning, together push the atmosphere of the bar to a climax.

3. Moving head pattern lights

The light beam of the moving head pattern light is not so strong, the light spot is relatively large, the beam angle is large, and the pattern is much more beautiful. It can also be used for chasing light.

4. LED moving head wash light

LED moving head washing lights can render the whole scene into various colors and enhance the atmosphere.

Bar design has a wide selection of light sources and types of lights, but as long as you master the skills of using lights, properly adjust the brightness and color, and reasonably arrange the combination of lamps, a relaxed and good bar atmosphere will be created. Out.


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