Find the Best Hybrid Moving Head Lights for Your Film Set


Find the Best Hybrid Moving Head Lights for Your Film Set

When it comes to lighting up your film set, you want to make sure that you have the right equipment to get the job done. One of the most important pieces of lighting equipment that you will need is a hybrid moving head light, which combines the benefits of both a spot and wash light. In this article, we will be discussing the features to look for when selecting a hybrid moving head light and provide you with our top recommendations.

What is a Hybrid Moving Head Light?

A hybrid moving head light is a type of lighting instrument that blends the functionality of both spot and wash lights. The spot light produces a narrow, focused beam of light that is ideal for highlighting a specific subject or area, while the wash light casts a larger, softer beam that is perfect for illuminating larger areas. With a hybrid moving head light, you can switch between these two modes seamlessly and customize the lighting to suit any scene or mood.

Features to Look for in a Hybrid Moving Head Light

1. Brightness and Intensity: The brightness and intensity of the light will determine how well it illuminates your set. Look for a hybrid moving head light with high wattage and lumen output for maximum brightness.

2. Color Temperature: The color temperature refers to the hue of the light produced by the instrument. You want to select a hybrid moving head light that offers a wide range of color temperatures to create different moods and tones on your set.

3. Movement: The ability to control the movement of the light is crucial for creating dynamic and engaging lighting effects. Look for a hybrid moving head light with 360-degree pan and tilt movement, as well as gobo and prism effects.

4. DMX Control: DMX control allows you to link multiple lighting instruments together and program them to operate in sync. Select a hybrid moving head light with DMX control for more advanced lighting design options.

5. Noise Level: The noise level of the instrument is important for video shoots where sound recording is involved. Select a hybrid moving head light with a low decibel rating to minimize any disruption to sound recording.

Our Top Recommendations for Hybrid Moving Head Lights

1. Chauvet DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR: This versatile hybrid moving head light offers impressive brightness and a wide range of color temperature options. The 140SR also features 360-degree pan and tilt movements, as well as gobo, prism, and frost effects.

2. Martin Rush MH7 Hybrid: The MH7 Hybrid is a super-bright, moving head light that provides both spot and wash capabilities. It offers dynamic effects with precise, rapid movement and seamless DMX integration.

3. Robe Mega Pointe: The Mega Pointe is a powerful hybrid moving head light with an incredibly wide zoom range, enabling the light to go from a tight beam to a wide wash in an instant. It features a host of advanced features like 360-degree pan and tilt movement, gobo and prism effects, and multiple color options.

4. ADJ Platinum Hybrid 16R: The Platinum Hybrid 16R is a powerful, multi-functional moving head light that offers both spot and beam capabilities. With a high output Philips MSD Platinum 16R lamp, the Platinum Hybrid 16R offers exceptional brightness, while delivering smooth and detailed movement. It also features gobo and prism effects and a built-in frost filter.

5. Elation Proteus Hybrid: With high output, advanced features and IP65 rating, the Proteus Hybrid is a powerful and rugged outdoor-rated moving head light. Offering a smooth CMY color mixing system, wide zoom range, rotating and fixed gobos, and a beam-shaping prism, the Proteus Hybrid delivers stunning illumination effects across large-scale outdoor settings.


Selecting the right hybrid moving head light is essential for creating a well-lit and dynamic film set. You want to look for a light with high brightness, a wide range of color temperatures, and advanced features like DMX control and noise reduction. Our top recommendations for hybrid moving head lights are the Chauvet DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR, Martin Rush MH7 Hybrid, Robe Mega Pointe, ADJ Platinum Hybrid 16R and Elation Proteus Hybrid. By investing in one of these versatile instruments, you will be able to elevate your lighting design and take your film production to the next level.


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