Find the Ideal Hybrid Moving Head Fixtures for Your Wedding


Weddings are one of the most important and beautiful moments of your life. Whether you are planning the wedding of your dreams or helping a friend out, you want to make sure that everything is perfect, including the lighting. The right lighting can add elegance, excitement, and a magical touch to your special day. In this article, we will explore the different types of hybrid moving head fixtures that are perfect for weddings.

What is a Hybrid Moving Head Fixture?

A hybrid moving head fixture is a type of lighting fixture that combines the best features of spotlights and washlights. They are versatile, powerful, and can create different lighting effects. These fixtures have rapidly become a must-have choice for many event planners due to their extensive capabilities.

Why is it Ideal for Weddings?

Weddings are all about creating the right ambiance, and nothing does it better than well-coordinated lighting. The right lighting can help set the mood, highlight focal points, and make everything look stunning. Hybrid moving head fixtures offer various lighting effects that help create that perfect ambiance for weddings. They are also versatile enough to adjust to different areas of the event venue.

Types of Hybrid Moving Head Fixtures

There are different types of hybrid moving head fixtures available in the market. Each type has unique features, and choosing the perfect one depends on the event's nature and venue. Some of the hybrid moving head fixtures that are perfect for weddings include:

1. Beam and Wash moving head fixture - This fixture is one of the most popular hybrid moving head fixtures for weddings due to its versatility. It combines both beam and wash effects and can create soft lighting, warm tones, or bright color-changing effects.

2. Spot and Beam moving head fixture - This fixture combines both spotlight and beam effects, which makes it perfect for highlighting specific areas such as the dance floor, the bridal walkway, and the stage for speeches.

3. Spot and Wash moving head fixture - This fixture combines both spotlight and wash effects. It is ideal for soft and colorful lighting for the background or creating spotlights in key areas.

4. Spot, Beam, and Wash moving head fixture - This fixture combines spot, beam, and wash effects, which gives the lighting designer more creative freedom to create a dynamic and remarkable lighting setup.

Features to Consider When Choosing Hybrid Moving Head Fixtures for Weddings

When selecting hybrid moving head fixtures for weddings, the following features should be considered:

1. Brightness - The brightness of the fixtures is essential in creating the desired ambiance. The brighter the fixture, the more powerful the lighting effect.

2. Color options - The number of colors available in the fixture's LED system, and the color mixing capabilities can help create elegance, brightness, and warmth in the venue.

3. DMX channels - The number of DMX channels available is important in controlling the fixture's movement, position, and intensity.

4. Speed - The speed at which the fixtures move, and their ability to perform smoothly is a crucial factor to consider.

5. Size and weight - The size, weight, and portability of the fixtures are important when setting up and during the event.


In conclusion, hybrid moving head fixtures are perfect for weddings due to their versatility, lighting options, and mixing capabilities. They come in different types, each with unique features that can create various lighting effects. Factors such as brightness, color options, DMX channels, speed, and size and weight, should be considered when choosing the ideal hybrid moving head fixture for your wedding. Don't leave any detail unplanned or unlit. Shop around and choose the perfect lighting setup that will make your wedding unforgettable. Happy Planning!


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