Get the Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Moving Head Fixtures


Hybrid moving head fixtures are the latest technological innovation in the live events and entertainment industry. They are powerful, versatile, and offer a combination of beam and spot fixtures. With hybrid moving heads, you can get the best of both worlds in terms of lighting design. These lights have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reasons. If you are planning a live event and want to take your lighting design to the next level, here's everything you need to know about hybrid moving head fixtures.

What are hybrid moving head fixtures?

Hybrid moving head fixtures are a type of lighting fixture that combines the features of both beam and spot fixtures. They offer the brightness and intensity of beam fixtures, with the zoom capabilities and versatility of spot fixtures. Essentially, hydrid moving head fixtures can switch between narrow and wide beams, making them perfect for both mid-air effects and stage lighting.

The Benefits of Hybrid Moving Head Fixtures

1. Enhanced Lighting Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of hybrid moving head fixtures is their flexibility. They enable lighting designers to create a variety of looks and effects with a single fixture. For instance, with the zoom and lens adjustment features, these fixtures can project narrow or wide beams depending on the stage requirements.

2. Creates Numerous Effects

With hybrid moving head fixtures, the possibilities for lighting effects are almost endless. They can be used in conjunction with other lighting designs to create unique lighting combinations. The multiple RGBW color mixing options and patterns provide lighting designers with many design options. Additionally, these fixtures can create effects such as gobo and prism rotation, making them an all-in-one lighting solution.

3. Save Space

Another benefit of hybrid moving head fixtures is their compact size. These fixtures occupy a smaller footprint compared to using multiple spot or beam fixtures. This makes them ideal for events with limited space, but still require extensive lighting coverage.

4. Cost-Effective

Using hybrid moving head fixtures is a cost-effective solution when compared to using multiple beam and spot fixtures. They save on power expenses and require fewer fixtures to cover larger areas.

5. Reduce Rigging Space

The smaller footprint of hybrid moving head fixtures not only saves space but also rigging time during setup. With fewer fixtures to rig and mount on trusses, event setup and teardown are simplified. Additionally, fewer rigging points may be required, saving additional time and money.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hybrid Moving Head Fixture

1. Brightness

Brightness is an essential factor when choosing hybrid moving fixtures. The number of lumens determines how bright the fixtures will be. It's also critical to consider the venue size and the audience size.

2. Lens Adjustments

The lens adjustments of hybrid moving head fixtures determine the size of the beam and the arrangement of the lenses. It's essential to choose a fixture that has a wide zoom range, enabling you to create small to wide beams whenever required.

3. Light Control

The DMX control of hybrid moving head fixtures is an essential factor to consider. You will want fixtures with a high number of channels to allow for precise control of the lighting effects

4. Move Speed

The move speed of hybrid moving head fixtures determine how fast and smooth it rotates and pans. It's crucial to have a fixture with a high move speed to create quick movements and fast lighting transitions.

5. Heat Dissipation

LEDs used in hybrid moving head fixtures generate heat. Thermal management is fully optimized in modern fixtures making them efficient and longer-lasting. However, always choose fixtures with sufficient and effective heat management systems.


Hybrid moving head fixtures are the perfect solution for anyone looking to add dynamic, versatile, and efficient lighting to their events. These fixtures will help you create stunning lighting effects and enhance your event's ambiance. By considering brightness, move speeds, lens adjustments, heat dissipation and light control factors, you're guaranteed to find the perfect hybrid moving head light to meet your needs.


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