How to choose lighting in bar decoration design


The entertainment place is a place provided for continuous efforts in the society to release and relieve the pressure of catharsis. In this colorful space, people get rid of their camouflage; under the spotlight, people get rid of their fatigue; in the world of singing and dancing, they forget their short-term troubles with the rhythm of music. Lighting design is a problem that cannot be ignored. Whether the lighting has an aesthetic feeling is one of the keys to the success of the design.

The beauty of the environment can directly affect people's mood, and also indirectly determine people's visual experience.

A good lighting designer integrates with the building in the decoration. The lighting design, which is constantly changing at a medium and slow speed, often cannot give people a complete image; it can be combined with movement and stillness, and the way of movement is fast, giving people an impression of completeness, vitality and passion.

For example, for bar lighting design, it is necessary to design according to the region after considering the overall bar, and the appropriate bar design plan is the key point.

1. The choice of bar decoration lighting is mainly reflected in the atmosphere requirements.

If it is necessary to create a warm, elegant and comfortable atmosphere, indirect light sources can be used as the main light source when designing and installing lighting. Do not let the light source directly shine on the eyes of guests, causing glare and other bad guest experiences.

Furthermore, local supplementary light through spotlights can effectively enhance the aesthetic feeling and artistic atmosphere of the space.

2. Bar decoration According to the nature of the bar, the lighting options are different.

For example, the slow shake bar needs to create different atmospheres according to the operation content of different time periods, so when designing lighting, it must be adjustable and controllable.

In the early part of the ending, the lighting is brighter and mainly in warm colors, then the lighting gradually dims and becomes colder, and finally only some weak light sources such as LEDs and optical fibers are left to cooperate with the sound effect to create an illusory and blurred effect, and sometimes turn on the strobe light To drive the atmosphere of the audience. In order to facilitate the DJ to control the atmosphere of the whole venue, it is necessary to set the light source control of the whole venue in the DJ booth and adjust it uniformly through the computer.

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