How to choose bar space lighting


Nowadays, bars and other occasions are used as recreational places for young people, and only fashionable and trendy styles can be loved by consumers. Yellow River Lighting believes that in order to create a new entertainment space, designers need to create emotional renderings based on the senses and touch of consumers. Powerful bar space. The most emotional means of creating an atmosphere is of course lighting.

Reasonable color design matching and reasonable lighting rendering of the bar will give guests a pleasing feeling, and at the same time increase the operating income of the bar. It can be seen that the lighting and color of the bar decoration design are very important issues.

So how to choose bar lamps? Yellow River Lighting believes that there are many areas in the bar. On the basis of ensuring proper lighting and brightness, different lighting methods and lamps are selected according to different spaces and places. For example, the bar hall mainly uses moving head lights, wash lights, strobe lights, and laser lights. The aesthetics should be considered from the appearance of the lamps and the effect of light, in order to make the bar lighting design more artistic and more attractive to guests.

Lighting is an important means to decorate and beautify the environment and create an artistic atmosphere. Generally, the design of bars is to set off a good entertainment atmosphere. Therefore, when designing lighting, we generally pay great attention to the principle of aesthetics. Affordability is a point that the owner is very concerned about. The lighting design is to meet the needs of people's visual physiology and aesthetic psychology, so that the bar space can maximize the practical value and appreciation value, and achieve the unity of use function and aesthetic function. Cost-effective lighting design can control reasonable investment and get good results.


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