How to classify rich types of stage lighting equipment


The stage lighting equipment industry has a long history. Since the 15th century, western theaters have begun to use candles for performance lighting. Stage lighting is a kind of medium. Its original meaning is for lighting, but this does not mean that the essence of lighting is for lighting, because different scenes have different requirements for lighting effects. One of the main purposes of stage lighting is to guide the audience's attention through the intensity of light color during the development of the plot. Therefore, one of the functions of stage lighting can be said to be to guide the audience's sight.

During this process, the stage lighting plays the role of connecting visual elements. It attracts the attention of the audience through the change of color, so as to lock people's perspective in the wonderful stage plot and highlight the key points of the performance. For example, when a character appears on the stage, an effect that attracts the audience's attention is usually used. In a pitch-black curtain, while the audience is waiting in agitation, a beam of strong light can instantly attract the audience to the scene where the characters appear.

The stage lighting equipment is rich in variety and complete in function. In fact, stage lighting is just a general term. According to the purpose and type of lighting, it can be divided into smart lights, laser lights, effect lights and so on.

Smart lights are various computer scanning lights according to the needs of the computer, such as DJ scanning, V-beam, moon beam and so on.

And the power of various lamps is different, and the lamp head can also be rotated, and the necessary scanning lamps can be carried out by moving.

Maybe the audience doesn't know much about it yet. Laser lights can produce various patterns, and laser lights are also divided into monochrome and color, and colored laser lights are divided into red, green, yellow and other basic colors.

The power of the laser light is generally between 10mW and 100W. In addition, the laser light can also emit light beams according to needs, or effects such as chromaticity and beating. The laser head can also be rotated according to requirements.

There are many types of effect lights, and it may be difficult for non-professionals to recognize them all. More commonly used are strobe lights, exposure lights, dimming lights, spotlights, and lamps with various color patterns, which can produce various patterns such as flower patterns, rainbows, mushrooms, and baby's breath. Of course, there are also various spherical lamps with rotating spherical shapes. Rotating spherical lamps are mostly used in dance halls and other environments, and are often used on large stages.

Stage lights are generally professional lamps, and with the development of science and technology, they are more specialized and intelligent. With the addition of high-end audio, LED decorative lights complement each other and are gradually widely used in the market. more obvious effect. Yellow River Lighting is an enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales, specializing in the production of embedded stage lighting products. The company's products are widely used in KTV, stage, bar, TV station and other industries.


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