How to design the lighting of KTV boxes better?


In the KTV decoration design, gorgeous and expensive lighting is not only beautiful, but also can decorate its level. Some KTV decoration designs, any details are exquisite and admirable, but the lighting effect is not handled correctly, which leads to the decoration design in the KTV venue s failure. I believe that no designer will ignore the lighting design effect of entertainment venues. KTV lighting design company introduced the design points of lighting effects in KTV decoration design:

KTV lighting design

Embedded Lighting Design

In the current decoration trend, many people like to use recessed lights for lighting effects.

In large-scale use, special attention should be paid to the direction of lighting of its lighting equipment. Most recessed lights use quartz halogen lamps. This bulb will produce a lot of ultraviolet and infrared rays, and long-term exposure to the human body will cause discomfort to the human skin. In fact, the color rendering of halogen lamps in the spectrum is very ideal.

Just avoid lights that are general lighting and hit painting ornaments or plants, it's still a good light source for creating ambience.

KTV lighting design

The effect of light on skin tone

In some high-end hotels and restaurants that provide exquisite lighting for decoration design, you will find that people's complexion appears rosy and delicate. This is because of the effect of lighting, the color temperature and color rendering of bulbs will affect the lighting effect.

KTV lighting design

light use of fluorescence

Now many KTVs like to use fluorescent design, but fluorescent light still affects our health, even if it is due to the frequency problem, ordinary people can’t see it, and a large number of fluorescent lamps should not be used in nightclub lighting decoration design, which will shorten the use of lights Lifespan, it is best to use incandescent bulbs (tungsten bulbs) for lighting effects.

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