Precautions for purchasing stage lighting


The stage lighting design of the performing arts hall is different from our home lighting design. There are many principles that he needs to follow. Today we simply look at a few basic principles of stage lighting design. ① First of all, the functional principle must be followed when designing the stage lighting. This means that everyone must meet the functional requirements when designing the stage lighting of the performing arts hall. No matter which corner lighting design needs to choose different lighting methods and lamps according to different spaces, different occasions, and different objects, and ensure appropriate illumination and brightness.

②A more important point in the stage lighting design of the performing arts hall is to follow the principle of aesthetics. The principle of aesthetics is designed to make your own stage lighting design more attractive. Lighting is an important means of decorating and beautifying the environment and creating an artistic atmosphere. Generally, the stage lighting design of the performing arts hall is to set off a good entertainment atmosphere. Therefore, when designing, we generally pay great attention to the design principles in this area.

③ One principle that the boss pays great attention to in stage lighting design is the principle of economy. When designing stage lighting, it must meet the needs while ensuring this principle. That is the focus of the entire stage lighting design, so if you are a lighting designer So the designer should pay attention to this when designing the stage lighting for the performing arts hall. The lighting design in the audience area is to meet the needs of people's visual physiology and aesthetic psychology, to maximize the practical value and appreciation value of the auditorium space, and to achieve the unity of use function and aesthetic function. This is what we call the economic principle.

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