Stage Lighting Design Scheme


According to the design of the stage lighting system, it is configured in accordance with the rules of stage art performances and special requirements. Perfectly serve the art display. 1. Create a complete stage lighting free space to meet all lighting requirements; 2. In order to enable the system to continue to operate, appropriately increase the reserve and expansion space; 3. The anti-interference ability and safety of the system are important design indicators; 4. New high-efficiency and energy-saving cold light lamps are introduced into the system design; 5. DMX512 digital signal network technology is introduced into all aspects of the system design. According to the above requirements, it can meet the requirements of singing and dancing evenings, cultural performances, dramas, concerts and conferences. Our company designs the following lighting schemes for this stage lighting: 1. Surface light The surface light is used as the front area of ​​the stage and the front main light after the orchestra pit is raised. Each channel considers four sets of two types of lamps to cover the stage horizontally, in case of color change during use or stage depth lighting. It is arranged in two layers above and below.

The reference configuration is as follows: 8-16 2KW focusing imaging spotlights 8 2KW plano-convex spotlights 2. Considering that on a large stage, the longest irradiation distance of the side light is no less than that of the surface light, we will use: High-power LED wash lights, each slap is equipped with 12 pieces. 3. A top light The top light is mainly LED PAR lights, which are suitable for matching with some conference tri-color lights to meet the lighting needs of different programs and meetings. 4. Two top lights The top light is mainly LED PAR lights, and it is suitable to be equipped with some three-color lights for conferences to meet the lighting needs of different programs and meetings.

5. The top light of the three top lights is mainly LED PAR lights, and it is suitable to be equipped with some beam moving head lights to meet the needs of singing and dancing programs for effect lighting. 6. The top lights of the four top lights are mainly LED PAR lights. It is suitable to be equipped with some beam moving head lights, computer moving head lights, and LED dyeing, background light color changing and lighting to meet the lighting needs of different programs. 7. The foot light is 6 pieces of 6×0.1KW six-strip grid lights.

Computer and other systems (power supply and DMX signal can be designed aside) In addition to the conventional stage lighting, a computer lighting system is designed. Use the world famous brand computer lights. 8. Follow spot lights, generally use 2500 computer follow spot lights indoors.

Conference lighting system and field lights 9. Laser lights (effects) Install laser effect lights in the background behind the stage. The lighting of the hall will be designed in combination with the interior decoration style. Dimming settings and configuration of audience hall lights: the lighting of audience halls achieves a gradual change function, and 4 sets (6-way dimming silicon boxes) are selected. The computer console is used for linear and remote control (lighting control room, stage supervision).

3. Equipment selection 1. Lighting control system The dimming console installed in the lighting control room is the control core of the entire stage lighting system, which must meet the requirements of various comprehensive theatrical performances and conferences. Not only must it be in line with international advanced technology, but it must also be suitable for China's national conditions and the operating habits of lighting engineers. The operation of the dimming console requires fast and flexible control settings, powerful functions, and convenient on-site editing; it can be controlled centrally or dimmed individually.

In addition to the main console, it is also required to configure an auxiliary backup dimming console. The main console itself should have an emergency backup console, and the backup console requires a unified brand. The specific performance indicators are as follows; (1) The main console has 1000 light paths, which can be connected with 1000 silicon circuits; DMX512/1990 signal output; each page has no less than 20 centralized control faders, a total of 10 pages; no less than 20 kinds of lighting speeds It can be called at the same time; Perfect editing function, convenient and fast for on-site modification + points; Wired remote control function, convenient control; The memory capacity of the memory exceeds 1000 scene combinations on average; Independent of each other; can control control equipment that conforms to the DMX512 international signal standard, such as moving lights, color changers, etc. (2) Backup dimming station 1000 optical channels, 1000 silicon circuits, optical and silicon circuits can be flexibly matched; 4 pages of independent soft matching; through the interface dedicated line, it can be switched with the hot backup of the main station.

2. Dimming silicon cabinets Dimming silicon cabinets should consider high reliability, high anti-interference, and high stability. It is required to select all-digital dimming silicon cabinets designed with international advanced technology. Its main performance requirements are as follows: 96 circuits/cabinet, 4 cabinets in total), loop power 5KW; dimming accuracy reaches 10 bits, 1024 level, and the vertical cabinet will not affect the normal operation of the whole cabinet due to the failure of individual silicon circuit units; Safeguard measures; There are preventive measures to prevent the large current bus bar from interfering with the silicon circuit; To ensure personal safety, the input and output circuits have reliable safety assurance measures; There is an uninterrupted anti-positive ventilation system. Each silicon circuit unit has the following functions: independent dimming, flexible setting, matching output circuit, independent coding; visual display of working status; setting of maximum, minimum brightness and soft start functions; in emergency Manual dimming should be possible in all cases; Dimming can be done for different loads: resistive and inductive loads/loads with transformers/fluorescent lamps.

Each silicon circuit unit can select the dimming curve and loop test in the field, and various dimming curves can be preset and solidified in the chip; the high-power silicon controlled silicon device has a strong ability to withstand short circuit and overload; the silicon circuit has a self-protection function , alarm and automatic cut-off when over temperature, etc.; strong anti-interference ability, less interference to audio and video; at room temperature, 220V voltage, full load, within the dimming range of 10%-90%, the magnetic ring filter time is longer than 230 microseconds; 3. The lamps and lanterns are required to be reasonable in terms of lamp configuration, based on the principles of advanced performance, energy saving, long life, moderate price, and meeting the needs of conference functions and variety performances. In the choice of lamps, it is required to fully consider the performance and conference functions of the opera house, and choose the more advanced energy-saving cold beam lamps in the world, and the lamps can be used as both conference lighting and performances. Imported lamps comply with CE standards, using high-efficiency lenses with coated optical glass lenses, with high beam quality and no distortion.

With lens protective net, color film frame, light hook, in line with national testing standards. All indicators of domestic lamps and lanterns should be in the leading position in the country. Surface light, slap in the face, and side light, use imitated imported telephoto spotlights, focusing spotlights, and ellipsoidal spotlights.

For lighting in other positions, use domestic spotlights and ellipsoidal spotlights instead. For stage installation and conference lighting, domestic high-efficiency astigmatism lamps are selected. 1KW and 2KW quartz bulbs are selected as the light source of the stage lighting, which has high color rendering, which can meet the requirements of the stage lighting not to distort the color of the actor's clothing and stage scenery, and meet the requirements of the color temperature of the light source for TV recording or broadcasting.

4. The configuration of computer lights and computer lights can be invested in stages according to the investment. It is recommended to use moving head color-changing computer lights. It has a CYM three-color color mixing system. The unique patented optical design makes the optical output 50% more than ordinary computer lights. There is no fan cooling system. Various fog light, soft light effects, two-way beam rotation, different beam shapes, the effect is excellent; automatic overload protection, advanced upgrade and fault finding functions, lamp body panel programming, internal preset memory make this lamp extremely convenient to use. The CYM three-color mixing of super scanning computer lights can produce any desired color. The lossless output from the light source has high light efficiency. Two sets of patented all-glass patterns can be superimposed and combined arbitrarily. Combined with the effect sheet, a multi-layered and three-dimensional effect is formed. And strong virtual and real changes and different artistic effects, automatic double focus function. The lighting design of the ballroom is mainly based on moving head lights, Led effect lights, and firefly laser lights to complete the lighting effects of the ballroom.

Slow (three steps slow, four steps slow) dance lighting: LED snakeskin tubes go through the program slowly, with moving head lights, firefly lasers, snowballs). Medium-speed (medium three-step, four-step) dance lighting: LED snakeskin tubes run at medium speed, with moving head lights and laser scanning lights. Fast speed (three steps slow, four steps) dance lights: LED snakeskin tube fast-moving program laser scanning lights, double ball lights.

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