Conference system selection program steps


With the continuous improvement of social informatization, the competitive pressure faced by enterprises today is also increasing. It is urgent for many enterprises to adopt advanced information technology to speed up the operation of enterprises and improve their competitiveness. Meetings are an indispensable part of human economic life. According to the report of the American Kaituo Electronics Sales Department: 50% of today's society relies on face-to-face visual effects. Forty percent depends on the speaker.

And 10 percent relies on content, information tools, phones, and so on. Conference system solution - sometimes called "video conferencing solution". It generally includes software video conferencing system and hardware video conferencing system. Through various existing electrical communication transmission media, various data such as static and dynamic images, voice, text, and pictures of characters are distributed to the computers of each user, so that geographically dispersed users can gather together in one place, through Graphics, sound and other ways to communicate information.

At present, video conferencing is gradually developing in the direction of multi-network collaboration and high-definition. Now there are more and more companies making video conferencing systems, and the product quality is not the same. Some manufacturers adopt advanced technology and thoughtful service, and some companies imitate other people's technical services and are not thoughtful, and buyers don't know. Those products are genuine products at a fair price, and some of them will regret it blindly. The American distributor Qituo Electronics has summarized the selection plan, and hope it will be useful to those buyers who are blindly preparing to buy video conferencing. What aspects should enterprises consider when choosing video conferencing? Video conferencing systems should be comprehensively considered in terms of ease of use, quality and stability, security, cost and service.

Four steps should be paid attention to when choosing a conference system: The first is ease of use: whether you can join the meeting anytime and anywhere, whether it is integrated with commonly used email or instant messaging tools to facilitate scheduling and accessing meetings, whether to provide account and meeting management tools, software design Whether to consider customer experience, etc. The second is quality and stability: the sharing efficiency of screen documents, the quality of audio and video, whether it supports traditional teleconferencing to ensure stability, whether it can guarantee the stability of the meeting at ten percent, and whether it can achieve the desired effect wait. The third is security: whether the infrastructure of the service provider is perfect, whether the data transmission and customer information are safe, whether there is a perfect disaster recovery mechanism and real-time monitoring mechanism, whether there is an international security management certification, and whether meetings are held or not. Enterprises will be required to open other potentially dangerous ports, etc.

The fourth is cost: whether the service provider can provide flexible and diverse charging models such as monthly subscription by seat, traffic billing, monthly account subscription, package, etc., and whether there is private network deployment in popular cities so that local access can be realized without paying long-distance communication fees , Whether to provide specialized services and specific fee customization, etc. The best is service support: whether it supports 7*24 hours of service support, whether it has multilingual services, whether the service can respond in a timely manner, whether it provides SLA service quality assurance, whether it provides personalized bills, whether there is on-site support for large conferences, whether it can Provide other services such as IR release network training, good products and bad services are the most important.

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