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Every time I see the outstanding performances of the stars on the stage, I am so surprised. In fact, part of the stage lighting design is also responsible for their successful performances. The relevant requirements of stage lighting design are to meet the requirements of large-scale song and dance evenings, cultural performances, dramas, concerts and large-scale conferences. The lighting design of the stage is as follows: The principles to be followed in this lighting design are: ①The maximum white light illuminance index of all the leading areas should be greater than 1200IX ② Dimming channels: 384 silicon boxes, 1024 dimmers and There are 1024 optical channels.

Provide the power supply and direct circuit for the backup dimming box at different positions to meet the needs of all-round continuous lighting; ③The performance position of each stage must have at least 4 projection angles in more than 4 directions, with a three-dimensional sense of light. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent glare, reflected light and useless light spots; the lighting scheme of the entire stage is as follows. In the entire lighting scheme, the surface light is used as the main light in the front area of ​​the stage and the front of the raised orchestra pool, so four sets of two types of lamps are considered in the horizontal direction. Fill the stage for color change or stage depth lighting during use, and arrange it in two layers. For example, the reference configuration as follows: 8 to 16 2kW focusing imaging spotlights, 8 2kW plano-convex spotlights and 16 2kW threaded spotlights, etc.

The slap lighting on the stage cannot be ignored. Generally, slaps are divided into left and right slaps. The reference configuration of the slap is as follows: the left and right slaps use 2×6 2kw focusing imaging spotlights, 2×8 2kw threaded spotlights and 2kw flat-convex spotlights, which can be selected in the choice of lamps Imitation ETC light source type 4 575W fixed beam ellipsoid spotlight, replaced by domestic film and television spotlight. Dimming circuit setting, 100-channel dimming, 20-channel direct play.

The main light source in the starring area is generally from the mouth light of the fake stage. Such lighting is very important in various performances. The reference configuration is as follows: 8 pcs of 2kw focusing imaging spotlights, 8 pcs of 1kw spotlights Plano-convex spotlights, 12 threaded spotlights of 2kw and 16 threaded spotlights of 1kw are used as the traditional short-distance lighting in the whole lighting arrangement, and can also be used as the main light of 300-600 in the middle and rear performance areas. , or use full inner slap. In this regard, the lighting configuration refers to the following: 8 2kW focusing imaging spotlights, 8 2kW thread spotlights, 8 1kW thread spotlights and 8 1kW plano-convex spotlights. Then there is the top light reference configuration: 1kw and 2kw threaded spotlights, 1kw flat-convex spotlights are mainly used, and some 1kw focusing imaging spotlights and 1kw downlights plus color changers are adapted to meet the lighting needs of different programs.

The selection of equipment in the stage lighting design scheme is also equivalent. The dimming console installed in the lighting control room is the control core of the entire stage lighting system and must meet the requirements of various comprehensive theatrical performances and conferences. Usually, the operation of the dimming console requires fast and flexible control settings, powerful functions, and convenient on-site editing; it can be controlled centrally or dimmed individually. In addition, the configuration of lamps and lanterns must strictly comply with the standards of stage lighting design. In the selection of lighting, the performance and conference functions of the opera house must be fully considered. It can be used as conference lighting or as a performance.

Nowadays, many stage props use computer lights. If you want to use computer lights, it is recommended that you use moving head color-changing computer lights. Usually, super scanning computer lights CYM three-color mixing can produce any color you need, which can add a great effect to the stage. Entertaining atmosphere. Stage lighting design is a complex process that needs to be fully completed before the implementation of the lighting design plan. Generally, we have briefly described the content that the lighting design plan needs to include, hoping to bring you some help.

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