8 little knowledge of professional stage lighting and sound


1. The inspection sequence of the equipment shell is charged: the equipment shell is charged - whether the power supply line is damaged - whether the line phase is correct - whether the equipment is grounded correctly - whether the voltage used is correct. 2. The volume of the audio system is insufficient. The volume of the equipment is insufficient—whether the line level setting of the power amplifier and the speaker is correct—whether the connection of the speaker cable is firm—whether the phase of the power amplifier and the speaker is consistent—whether the attenuation range of the equalizer is appropriate. 3. Resonance and feedback in the sound field Resonance and acoustic feedback—Check if there is a peak in the room frequency response—Whether the room structure and decoration are reasonable—Whether the crossover point and bass gain are reasonable—Whether the room reverberation time is too long.

4. Interfering noise The audio system is noisy—dimming interference—whether the audio and lighting power supplies are separated—whether the lighting power supply and control lines are too close to the audio signal line—whether the silicon box is too close to the audio equipment. Speakers are noisy—Is the signal transmission reasonable?—Is the shielding of all signal lines properly—Is the signal grounded correctly?—Is the power phase of all audio equipment consistent. 5. Light out of control Light out of control—whether the program of the controller is correct—whether the address code of the lamp is correct—whether the connection of the control line is correct—whether the shielding of the control line is bad or interfered—whether the limit adjustment of the lamp is appropriate—light power supply switch Is the contact good.

6. Bulbs of computer lamps are often damaged (750 hours) Bulbs are fragile—whether the installation is secure or not contaminated with dust and moisture—whether the heat dissipation of the light bulb is good—whether the voltage is normal—whether the power switch is frequently operated. 7. The video image is abnormal. The video image is abnormal—whether the program format is correct—whether the equipment shell is charged—whether the signal shield is interfered with by high level—whether the projector is normal—whether the performance of the projection bulb is inferior. 8. The sound of the wireless microphone is unstable. The sound is unstable—whether there is a high-frequency interference source in the system—whether the antenna connection is correct—whether the receiver fine-tuning is correct—whether the number of microphones is excessive—whether the battery power of the microphone is insufficient.

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