The overall situation of China's professional lighting and audio industry exports


Looking back at the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, large-scale performing arts events have not only become a stage for the world to appreciate Chinese civilization, but also a grand event where "Made in China" blooms. Behind the dazzling event, professional lighting and sound equipment contributed a lot. Prosperous culture promotes the development of professional lighting and audio industry Professional lighting and audio engineering technology is a comprehensive technology that brings together multi-disciplinary knowledge, and it develops with the development of related professional technologies.

In particular, the performance and grade of audio and lighting equipment are getting higher and higher, and the importance of professional audio engineering technology is becoming stronger and stronger. At present, audio products including professional speakers, power amplifiers, mixers, reverberators, public address systems, and professional lighting products such as moving head lights, strobe lights, searchlights, and color-changing lights are widely used in stadiums, theaters, and hotel conference halls. , song and dance halls, KTV, scenic spots, TV stations and other fields, creating a good audio-visual effect for cultural performances, sports events, conferences and exhibitions and other activities. Thanks to the prosperity of the cultural performance market in recent years, the continuous economic growth of various regions, especially the continuous holding of large-scale sports events, the scale of the professional audio and lighting market has also continued to expand.

In recent years, the market size of my country's professional audio and lighting industry has continued to expand. In 2011, the market size reached 36.989 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 11.83%. After years of development, my country has become a world-recognized important production base for professional lighting and audio products. In the Pearl River Delta region alone, more than 70% of my country's professional lighting and audio companies are concentrated, and their output value accounts for about 80% of the industry's total output value. In this area, a large number of vigorous enterprises have emerged. They have independent intellectual property rights of technology research and development capabilities, modern factory buildings, advanced CNC processing and production equipment, and a large number of R&D technical teams and industrial workers.

In recent years, my country's professional audio and lighting industry has continued to show a good momentum of sustained and rapid development, and has developed into a world's largest manufacturer and exporter of professional audio and lighting products. According to customs data, in 2011, the export volume of China's professional audio and lighting industry was US$9,035,273,600, a year-on-year increase of 11.26%; there were mainly 14 kinds of export products; the import volume of the professional audio and lighting industry was US$1,572,006,000, achieving a trade surplus of US$7,463,267,600. Purely from the perspective of technical application, the research and development, design and manufacturing technology of domestic professional audio products have reached a very high level. Among them, the technology and quality level of analog audio products can be compared with well-known foreign brands. Further work is needed.

With the prosperity and development of my country's sports events and cultural performances, it has also spawned a huge professional lighting and audio equipment rental market. At present, the leasing of the professional audio and lighting industry accounts for about 15% of the entire market share. According to the market scale of the professional audio and lighting industry, it can be inferred that in 2011, the leasing market of the professional audio and lighting industry in my country reached 5.548 billion yuan. First of all, insufficient innovation and lack of core competitiveness.

As we all know, China is a big manufacturing country, and the OEM phenomenon is common in the professional audio and lighting industry. China's cheap labor force allows these OEM companies to earn huge profits from "comparative advantages". If you get used to OEM, you will lose enthusiasm for improving technology, and it will be even more difficult to strengthen your confidence in professional production products. What follows is everywhere The "cottage" products and the mixed market have caused companies specializing in audio equipment to lose their quality advantages. Second, there is a lack of industry standard guidance and supervision.

The lack of industry standards and supervision has led to the lack of a clear development direction for the domestic professional lighting and audio manufacturing industry, the development of the industry is disorderly, and there is a lack of national brands with market competitiveness and popularity. In recent years, the competition in the domestic professional lighting and audio industry has become increasingly fierce, and the competition in product, technology, brand and marketing has gradually become the mainstream of the market. The most fundamental competition in the professional lighting and audio industry in the future will be technology and brand competition.

At present, although there are a large number of professional lighting and audio companies in my country, their brand influence is generally small, their research and development capabilities are relatively weak, and there are only a handful of domestic brands that can compete with international brands. With the increasingly fierce market competition, customers will pay more attention to brand and technology when purchasing professional lighting and audio products, and the process of survival of the fittest is becoming more and more severe. In the future, if an enterprise wants to win this round of strength competition, it can only lay a solid foundation for its long-term development by taking technology as the key link, brand as the goal, continuous accumulation and continuous innovation.

With the advancement of global economic integration, the competition between domestic and foreign companies is becoming more and more fierce. Large foreign companies have come to China to produce in order to reduce product costs. The localization of professional audio will become an inevitable trend, and the brand will be an important issue in the competition between China and foreign countries in the professional lighting and audio industry. For the audio and lighting industry, the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is an important development period.

For my country, as a major manufacturing country in the professional lighting equipment industry, how to realize the transformation and upgrading from "manufacturing" to "creation" with more core competitiveness will be a common challenge faced by the whole industry and even the whole society. The transformation of China's professional lighting and audio equipment industry from "manufacturing" to "creation" is, to some extent, the ultimate contest between R&D capabilities and design levels. In the technical application level of the design and manufacture of many industrial products, intelligence, networking, digitalization and wireless are the overall development trends of the industry. For the professional lighting and audio industry, digital control based on network architecture, wireless signal transmission and overall system control The intelligentization of smart devices will gradually occupy the mainstream in the process of technology application.

With the gradual development of our country's economy and society, the concern for environmental protection and energy conservation in the manufacturing industry is increasing, and the state will surely issue relevant policies to plan the entire professional audio and lighting equipment manufacturing industry, which will make the professional audio and lighting equipment manufacturing industry face strong innovation pressure. .

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