Analysis of the use of stage lighting effect equipment


As a prefectural-level TV station, compared with the central and provincial-level TV stations, the frequency of use of the studio is very low, and the stage lighting effect equipment and control personnel are also pitifully small. Make good use of the existing equipment, and produce high-quality and effective cultural programs with a small number of personnel. The stage lighting effect equipment referred to here refers to computer lights, smoke machines, snow machines, bubble machines, colorful guns, etc.

1. The use of computer lights and consoles. Municipal TV stations have limited financial resources and tight funds. When purchasing computer lights and consoles, they often purchase them in batches and multiple times. This often results in a small number of computer lights and different models Miscellaneous, the product performance is uneven, which has caused certain troubles and difficulties in use. In particular, the control part is often a dedicated console that comes with the first batch of computer lights purchased, which is not very effective in controlling other types of computer lights. In the process of long-term use, we have figured out how to control different types of moving lights by adjusting a simple dedicated console.

( 1 ) The console has only one DMX512 signal output port, so it cannot be divided into multiple control lines to control different lamps; ( 2 ) The console originally only controlled one type of computer lamp, and the address code setting only needs to be set according to the lamp's The number of channels can be set. If the channel number of the new lamp is different from that of the original lamp, it may be covered or the original lamp channel may be covered; (3) The built-in lamp library of the dedicated console does not support new lamps , the number and name of the control channels of the newly added lamps cannot be displayed correctly, which is not conducive to maintenance and use. We originally had 4 scanning computer lights, and later purchased 8 domestic moving head lights. Due to financial reasons, it is impossible for us to purchase a new general-purpose computer light console. In order to solve this problem, we have adopted the following method: we first lead out the No. One signal line to No. 1 fixture of the new fixture, all 12 computer lights are connected in series, controlled by one signal line, which solves the problem of DMX512 signal output; then we use the one with the most channels among the two fixtures as the The address code is set according to the standard, the original light has 16 channels, and the new light has 8 channels, so we set the interval between the address codes to 16.

This ensures that each light fixture is well controlled without the problem of channel being covered; finally, we compile a new light library according to the function of each channel of the new light, so that the console can recognize the new light fixture. In this way, we can use the lamps and lanterns correctly and perform various programming. Of course, this is only an expedient measure under limited conditions. After all, it is cumbersome to use. If conditions permit, it is better to choose a general-purpose scanner console.

2. The control and use of the power supply of the computer light. As we all know, the light life of the computer light is generally 750 hours, and it cannot be thermally triggered (started). After it is turned off, it must wait for the bulb to cool before restarting. According to its characteristics, when we record the rehearsal of cultural programs, we try our best to record the singing and dancing programs that need to use computer lights to set off the atmosphere, so as to shorten their use time. In order to avoid the damage caused by the self-starting (hot start) impact caused by the sudden power failure, the incoming power soon or the instantaneous power failure, the measure we take is to install an AC switch under the air switch that supplies the computer light power. contactor.

Lead the push button switch which controls the closing of the AC contactor to the lighting control room. In this way, the self-starting of the computer lamp after power failure and incoming power is avoided, and the labor of personnel to turn off and on the power supply is reduced. 3. The use of smoke machines and bubble machines The two smoke machines of our XX TV station were purchased in 1996, and the control line of each smoke machine is only 5 meters long.

When using it, two people are required to control it on the stage. It is difficult to communicate with the director, and the smoke output rate of the two smoke machines is also inconsistent. In response to this situation, we have made the following improvements, lengthening the control line, the method is: use two 30-meter-long five-core cables, and weld five-core heads (the control line of the hood is five-core lines).

Lead to the equipment layer along the walls on both sides of the stage, and then lead to the side of the follow spot light from the equipment layer, and find two other work core cables about 6 meters long. When welding the female head of the five-core head, first find out the point control line of the hood (the control line of the hood has five cores, which are 1 grounding 2 point control 3 timing 4 normally open 5 public power) and the public power line, Solder together when welding. Two 2-conductor cable wires.

After soldering, insert it with the original controller, and connect the two 2-core soldered out. The other end of the cable is connected to a double control switch. It should be noted that the two 2-core cables that come out from the control lines of the two hoods can only be connected to the dual-control switch with four contacts, so as not to cause the phase sequence of the power supply connected to the two hoods to be different. cause a short circuit fault.

Fix the dual control switch for controlling the smoke machine on the handle of the follow spot light, and fix the two controllers of the original smoke machine on the light frame of the follow spot light. In this way, while operating the follow spot light, the smoke machine can also be operated. When two hoods need to emit smoke at the same time, click the dual control switch on the handle of the follow spot light.

When you need a certain hood to produce smoke, just click on the controller of that hood, which is very convenient.

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