The development trend of stage lighting


Stage lighting is an important part of stage art, and people have been pursuing various lighting to achieve the ideal artistic effect. Therefore, the selection and configuration of stage lighting is particularly important. In the past, there were not only a wide variety of lighting configurations, but also high power, low luminous efficacy, and single function.

In recent years, under the background of the huge market demand and the continuous improvement of the research and development level of lighting enterprises, domestic lighting enterprises have also made considerable development and progress, whether in terms of the function, effect and quality of lamps and lanterns, or in product design, new In terms of technology application and energy saving, they are gradually approaching or surpassing foreign brands. With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, the development of stage lighting will have the following trends: 1. The total power of lamps will decrease. Under the premise of meeting the application requirements, the total power of lamps will be reduced as much as possible. Energy is saved, cables and construction costs are reduced, and more importantly, various safety problems caused by excessive power can be avoided. 2. The luminous efficacy of lamps and lanterns will be higher. Luminous efficacy depends on two factors. One is the light source. The new light source adopts advanced technology and technology, so its own luminous efficacy will be high; the other is hardware and software design. Advanced accessories and reasonable software design will make the power consumption of electrical appliances, electronics and other parts lower, thereby improving the efficiency of the lamps.

3. The functions of lamps will be more fully developed. In the past, the functions of lamps were single. In the same studio, more lamps need to be configured, which not only requires a large investment, but also increases the difficulty of construction and high maintenance costs. If a product with more complete functions is adopted, the aforementioned problems can be easily solved. 4. The lamps are more intelligent. Real-time monitoring of temperature can keep abreast of the temperature inside the lamp; on the premise of ensuring heat dissipation, reduce noise; multiple safety protections, built-in temperature switch, temperature sensor, wind speed detection, electronic ballast work Status detection, etc., to ensure safe use; the power is automatically reduced when the light is turned off, the temperature is low, and the accessories are not easy to age and are more durable.

5. The lighting is more humanized and develops towards a friendly human-machine interface. The intuitive and simple menu is more operable; the touch screen and buttons can be used at the same time, and the operation is fast; the built-in lithium battery can also set the address when it is not powered on. Code and other parameters; lighter weight, easier handling, safer construction; the program can be directly upgraded through the XLR seat, network cable seat, etc.

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