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Core tip: LED white light has been used in stage performances for several years. As early as 2010, LED white light was promoted and applied in theaters as green lighting. LED white light has been used in stage performances for several years. As early as 2010, LED white light was promoted and applied as green lighting in theaters. However, I have always had some objections to the new light source of LED. I always feel that this kind of lamp is not particularly ideal for performances on theatrical stages.

The reason is that besides saving energy, this kind of lamp has other functions that are not very easy to use. The light is turbid, the penetrating power is poor, and the color rendering index is not ideal, especially the dimming is not precise, and it cannot achieve zero lighting. This is a fatal flaw for stage lamps, which cannot be used on theatrical stage. , It is a great damage to the atmosphere of the drama. During the Guangzhou Lighting and Audio Exhibition in the spring of 2015, after I saw new products of LED white lights (such as Fangda, Haoyang, Yajiang, etc.), I gained a new understanding of LED white lights (imaging lights, spotlights).

These new LED white light lamps not only completely achieve zero lighting, but also compared with tungsten lamps, when the dimming accuracy of the thyristor is relatively high (such as 1024), its dimming is better than that of tungsten lamps. It needs to be delicate and precise. This point (compared with Fangda Lighting Factory) made me overthrow my previous views on LED lamps, and I have a great impression. I feel that LED white light lamps are used in theatrical stage performances. , will bring great convenience to the performance, and will obtain effects that cannot be replaced by other lamps. Of course, what I am talking about here is the convenience brought by LED white light to our stage performances, that is, the use, not the new technology of LED white light. If I am a layman, I can't talk about technology. Next, I would like to talk about the advantages of LED white light in terms of the stability of the color temperature of LED white light, convenient use, and convenient adjustment of white balance, which is also my personal understanding of LED white light.

First of all, let's talk about the convenience brought to us by the uniform color temperature of LED white light. In terms of traditional lighting, the surface lights, slaps, column lights, top lights and flow lights used on the stage in theater performances are almost all tungsten lamps. These lamps have a low color temperature, generally at 3200K, while Most of the lamps used as backlight and scene light are moving lights, LED par and LED wash lights, and their color temperature is relatively high, generally at 5600K. This situation will cause an imbalance of color temperature in theatrical stage performances.

There will not be too many problems for the audience in the theater stage performance, but there will be a big problem in the recording, which will cause a great inconsistency between the stage effect and the recording effect in the performance. It has brought a lot of trouble to the work and brought us a lot of confusion. Because it is difficult to adjust the white balance in this case, the color temperature of white light such as surface light, ear light, column light, top light, and floor light will change with the change of illuminance.

Sometimes the face light is weak, sometimes strong, and sometimes there is no face light. Therefore, the color temperature is not easy to determine, and in this case, the adjusted white balance is not accurate. We often encounter such problems in our work.

Sometimes the cameraman asks what is the color temperature of the surface light, and it is difficult for us to answer. We can only tell them that it should not exceed 3200K, because the surface light will change. In a theatrical performance, the lighting moment changes with the changes of theatrical emotion and music, and each change of the lighting will contain multiple levels. For example, in dance dramas, the change of lighting sometimes starts with the sky curtain light for a silhouette effect, and then flows, backlighting, etc., adding and reducing light layer by layer.

This is different from the recording of TV programs. In pure TV program recording, the illuminance of the surface light is basically unchanged, and the color temperature will not change. The stage performance is different, which is also the difference between the lighting changes in theatrical stage performance and TV program recording, and also one of the reasons why the theater stage effect is different from the recording effect. However, almost all theatrical stage performances are now recorded. Whether it is recorded by a professional team or by yourself, solving the problem of uniform color temperature basically solves one of the problems of different effects between theatrical stage performances and recordings.

The use of LED white light as surface light, ear light, column light, top light, flow light, etc. also solves the problem of non-uniform color temperature and solves the problem that the color temperature of surface light will change with the change of illuminance. Because the color temperature of LED white light will not change with the change of dimming, its color temperature is relatively fixed. Practical experience tells us that when the color temperature of surface light white light is around 4200K, the recording effect and stage performance effect are ideal. This is easy to do for LED white light, which brings great convenience to our work.

The emergence of the new LED white light has created conditions for us to solve the different effects of theatrical performances and recordings, and provided an opportunity to solve this problem. Of course, computer lights (spot and wash) can also solve these problems, but compared with LED white light, it still has many inconveniences. The first is the issue of stability.

The stability of moving lights will change with the length of use time. The longer the use of moving lights, the lower its stability, which may be related to the aging of electronic components. But these technical issues are not what I want to talk about, and I don’t understand them. What I want to talk about is the trouble that this instability brings to our users. Lighting movement is one aspect. If computer lights are used as surface light, the movement of computer lights will cause uneven light. The location is completely different. The place that should be bright is not bright, and the place that should be dark is not dark. It will be counterproductive. It is completely different from the stage atmosphere in the design, which affects the performance effect.

Because the moving position of the light will also be affected, the originally determined position and the good effect will be changed when it is time to use the fixed-point light, which will cause the actors and the light to be out of harmony, greatly reducing the atmosphere. The overheating protection and automatic defoaming of moving lights are also very important issues. Many computer lamps, including imported computer lamps, have defoaming to varying degrees. These problems may be related to heat dissipation of lamps, aging and damage of components, ventilation blockage, and lack of maintenance. These technical links are not something I can talk about. The lack of knowledge, this will have very serious consequences for lighting workers.

If a computer light is used as a fixed-point light, the fixed-point light may disappear, which will affect the performance and cause performance accidents. For surface light and scene light, it will cause uneven light distribution, which will make the lighting work go to waste. The color temperature and illuminance changes of computer lamps are also a problem that affects performance effects.

Generally, the color temperature and illuminance of moving lights will decrease to varying degrees after being used for a period of time, and different brands of light sources are also different. Therefore, when we use it, we must first test it, and it is convenient to use it after debugging each lamp to be consistent. Of course, the difference in color temperature is not particularly obvious to the naked eye, and it will have a great impact on the recording of stage performances.

The volume, weight, and power consumption of computer lamps cannot be compared with LED white light lamps. This is also one of the reasons why it is not as convenient as LED white light. The large size and weight of computer lights affect its use in theater surface lighting. In many theaters, especially older theaters, it is very inconvenient to transport computer light top lights.

The surface light slot and surface light channel, the weight of the light, and the position of the surface light are all problems. It is very inconvenient to install the light, and the power of the moving light is higher than that of the LED white light, and the power consumption is also high. Some The theater light cannot provide so much power, and the separate wiring is neither standardized nor safe. There are also theaters where computer lights cannot be installed for the surface light, and designers often place computer lights at the front of the auditorium on the second floor to solve the problem of surface light. But for surface light, the projection angle of this position is too low, which is not ideal.

These problems in the use of the computer lamp itself make the computer lamp unable to compare with the LED white light when it is used as a surface light white light. The LED white light is not only small in size, light in weight, and stable in color temperature. Automatic defoaming and other elements that affect the use. Therefore, the use of LED white light in theater performances has its unique advantages and advantages. This kind of LED white light can be widely used in theaters and other performance venues, and it will provide us with a lot of convenience. So, does the LED white light have only advantages and no disadvantages? Is there no problem in the stage performance? Of course not, everything is not perfect, and the LED white light is the same. It also has many shortcomings, such as The power of LED white light is relatively small, and it is difficult to approach point light sources and single high-power light sources, and the illuminance is relatively low.

If high-intensity, large-area light is required for stage performances, LED white light cannot do it. It can't achieve the effect and impact on the stage like a dysprosium lamp, can't achieve the explosive light like a stage backlight, and can't achieve what a strong single light source like a dysprosium lamp can achieve on the stage. Light and shadow effects. These are the regrets of our lighting users, and also what our stage lighting workers hope to achieve, and also the different pursuits of lighting workers for theater stage lighting and TV lighting.

It is inevitable that technology is advancing and equipment is developing. The new light source of LED will also have new breakthroughs driven by the development of science and technology, and LED white light is no exception. With the needs of the market and the designer's pursuit of stage effects, new equipment will be produced.

One day in the future, LED white light lights that are more suitable for theatrical stage performances will be produced. It must not only have precise dimming, but also achieve high power and high illumination, which can be similar to point light sources and have dysprosium. LED white light lamps with high brightness, large area, and reasonable light quality, such as lamps, add luster to our stage and provide designers with the greatest possibility.

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