The wedding market is hot How to create romantic lighting for weddings?


The wedding market has become more and more popular in recent years, and many audio and lighting engineering companies have begun to favor this emerging wedding market. Many audio and lighting engineering companies have also begun to favor this emerging market. It is said that laymen watch the excitement, while experts watch the doorway. Every time people in the lighting and audio industry attend other people's weddings, they may pay more attention to the atmosphere of the scene, such as the configuration of on-site audio and lighting, whether a crystal stage is used, and the hall layout is It is not very spacious and atmospheric, whether there are pillars and so on. Among them, for a brilliant wedding, lighting is a very important element. The quality of lighting is directly related to the effect of the scene and the effect of the post-production image.

Nowadays, the lighting used in weddings is no longer limited to follow-up lights. With the gradual increase of newcomers' requirements for weddings, more and more weddings are now developing in the direction of specialization and stage, and weddings have become more and more popular. It looks more like a cultural evening, so the requirements of newcomers for lighting are also gradually increasing. Lighting is a very important element for a brilliant wedding Generally speaking, if the couple chooses an outdoor venue, lighting is generally not needed, unless the wedding at night, if it is an indoor venue, it also needs to be divided into two situations. One is a sunny hall and the other is a closed hall.

The Sunshine Hall is generally a hall with windows. This kind of hall can be directly irradiated with sunlight, and does not need too much lighting to brighten up. It is generally recommended for newcomers to do a bright scene in this kind of hall, that is, the whole ceremony is under bright lights and sunlight. To give guests a warm and open feeling, in this case generally do not need other lamps such as follow-up lights. However, if the stage in the hall is dark, in order to highlight the stage and make the shooting effect better, it is recommended to use a surface light to fill in the light. In the case of a bright scene, it is generally not very suitable to present a dazzling lighting feeling. Another type of hall is the closed hall, the so-called closed hall means that the sunlight cannot come in.

The hall can only be brightened by the lights in the hall itself. Such lights are very suitable for dark scenes, and can present very dazzling lights or pearlescent effects, giving guests a romantic and mysterious feeling. Such halls can use computer lights to chase Lighting, LED washing lights, etc. to present different effects.

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