Stage lighting engineering installation standards and installation specifications


1) Organize all staff participating in the project to make a detailed disclosure of the significance of the project, construction difficulties, especially construction period requirements, safety requirements, quality requirements, etc., so that everyone understands the goals and responsibilities, so as to ensure the construction period and construction quality. (2) Conduct necessary pre-job retraining and safety education for all construction personnel, and issue employment certificates after passing the examination, and at the same time provide system technical disclosure to all personnel. Before the start of each process, the construction technology of the operation layer shall be disclosed according to the technical written documents.

(3) Prepare office, living and warehouse facilities, improve office and living conditions, and erect temporary power supply lines for construction and living; (4) On the one hand, negotiate with the owner to find material warehouses, and on the other hand, arrange material management personnel to contact the required equipment and materials At the same time, investigate the self-purchased materials, compare the quality and unit price, and determine the purchasing manufacturer according to the requirements of the construction unit. After the warehouse is completed, the purchase will enter the site. (5) Under the auspices of the project manager, organize engineering and technical personnel to do a good job in joint review of construction drawings: the production of construction drawings should be detailed and standardized, in line with national drawing standards, and reflect the specific requirements of the construction site and construction organization. Construction personnel must be familiar with construction Drawings, technical data, specifications and standards, discuss technical difficulties, find problems early, and report them to the construction unit and design unit in a timely manner, so that the problems can be solved before construction, ensure the smooth progress of construction, and reduce negotiation for changes. (6) The construction unit assigns a project manager and a deputy manager to be responsible for organizing the construction of the project.

There are 2 professional foremen, one material officer, one budget officer, one quality inspector, one safety officer, and one firefighter. The labor and management personnel must comply with the relevant management regulations and regulations of China and Henan Province; The size is increased or decreased, and it is estimated that there will be 20 people in the artificial peak period. (7) Before the sub-project construction, the project manager should implement the construction technical disclosure, especially for the construction difficult places, should propose sub-project technical measures. At the same time, work with the material staff to make a phased material supply plan, so that the construction can develop smoothly according to the schedule and ensure smooth construction.

(8) Establish a construction site equipment inspection system. After the equipment is unpacked and passed the initial inspection, under the supervision of the project supervisor, immediately conduct electrical and mechanical performance inspections of the equipment with the supplier to ensure that the quality of equipment supply meets the design requirements; at the same time, establish The project manager management system assigns quality responsibilities to people to ensure that the quality management system can be effectively implemented when the project starts. (9) The construction machinery and equipment testing instruments and meters shall be configured according to the plan, and shall be transported to the construction site by the contractor. (10) Compile the implementation construction organization design, give priority to adopting the established construction process standards, prepare detailed construction process and technical standards, various quality and technical assurance measures, and formulate technical management methods and implementation rules according to the characteristics of this project.

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