Analysis of stage lighting design ideas for dance halls, nightclubs, and KTV stage lighting


The stage lighting effect of Yellow River Lighting is one of the essential elements to ensure the customer flow of dance halls and nightclubs. Charming and romantic lighting effects have become an important factor for consumers to choose the entertainment environment of nightclubs. It is not an easy task to design a successful stage lighting scheme. It requires careful research by a professional team and matching the business philosophy and characteristics of the nightclub in order to design a lighting effect that is harmonious with the nightclub. Let me introduce to you the ideas of stage lighting design for dance halls and nightclubs.

1. Stage design ideas ①. Front and rear of the stage In general, it is necessary to use PAR 64 spotlights at the front and rear of the stage. Imported light sources with wide beams are used in front of the stage to achieve uniform lighting and serve as the surface light of the stage. The back of the stage uses a medium-beam light source, projecting the beam to the front of the stage as a backlight, and setting up a top light on the top of the stage, so that the basic light of the stage is enough to illuminate the stage evenly, through adding color paper, group programming, lighting and other changes Color atmosphere, to meet the different needs of song and dance performances.

The light source imported from the United States is used, which has high reliability and does not need to be replaced frequently, and there will be no bad usage conditions such as bulb burst. ②. Middle and back of the stage The middle and back of the stage are equipped with scanning advanced computer lights. Due to its free rotation angle and no dead angle in beam scanning, it can take care of the light needs of the stage and its surroundings. In this way, the front, middle and back fields echo each other, and the lighting engineer can give full play to make various effects under a good hardware level. A variety of special effects scenes to meet the requirements of various performances and activities on the stage.

③. Stage pattern The stage pattern has been artistically edited, and can reach dozens or hundreds of kinds. The colors (full-color, half-color) are varied, resulting in extremely rich color combinations, and its strobe effect can be enhanced with fast-paced tunes. Dynamic, white light can also be used for chasing light. In short, through the flexible use of computer lights, you can create the tone of the stage and hall as you like, which is the best way to use it to create characteristics, enhance the atmosphere, and meet various requirements (singing and dancing, sketches, disco, fashion shows, etc.). 2. Lighting design ideas ① Effect lights (festival lanterns) Rolling lanterns with lens barrels, Yili lanterns, and effect lanterns have various patterns. Dozens of beams of light pour down and spread evenly on the ground, like stars, or flowers of various colors everywhere. , and in a blink of an eye, it becomes other beautiful graphics. After adding a little smoke, clusters of colored light beams rotating in the air are either intertwined or parallel, and the effect is excellent; ) creates a floating aura and a radiant feel, making it a great match for slow dance or melodious dance music.

②Scanning computer lights with multiple lenses (GENIUS/Italy. Zhenli’s LP 78), which are characterized by very stable performance, rich and bright colors, and moving head computer lights that perform well on the dance floor (GRIVEN/Italy. Fen's GR 422: Beautiful shape, good optical output, large spot, full-featured, with UV effects, glass patterns and prism rotation effects) used together or alone to bring the atmosphere on the dance floor to a climax. ③. Spotlight PAR 56 is made of silver aluminum alloy shell with good texture. It can be used as the basic light on the dance floor and follow the music to create different atmosphere effects. ④. The central main light of the UFO is placed directly above the dance floor. Compared with other brands of main lights, the light has a thinner body and a larger cross-sectional area. The rhythm program changes, the light beam also changes, and the light covers a large area, so one light can play the role of multiple lights. It can be used for slow songs when combined with moon lanterns, rotating tunnel lanterns and other effect lights; and with strobe, computer Lights and other coordination can be used for fast songs.

Usually, when the computer light is not turned on, it can also be used independently. This kind of stage lighting design idea, whether it is the design of the stage or the design of the lighting, is very successful. It not only considers the requirements of the use function, but also ensures the reliable and stable performance of the lamps. The selected lamps have good optical output effect, rich variety and stable performance.

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