Mass selling KTV box lamps and lanterns


The choice of lamps and lanterns in the KTV box needs to be determined according to the characteristics of the KTV box design itself. KTV boxes generally need to operate uninterrupted every day, so it is necessary to ensure that the lights have high durability. At the same time, KTV is a fashionable entertainment place, and the selected lamps must have aesthetic value.

Can fish and bear's paw really have both? Century Tianyu KTV design gives you the answer. 1. Laser lights: Single mass-market KTVs generally choose entertainment laser lights. First-line brands use laser lights specially designed for KTV boxes. The beam of this laser light has the advantages of high brightness, good directivity, long range, and easy control. , and the visual performance is good. 2. Strobe light: first-line brand mass sales KTV adopts the most durable LED strobe light, no need to replace the lamp tube, and has a long service life.

The strobe lights of first-line brands adopt voice control mode to provide customers with high-quality experience. 3. Pattern effect lights: divided into two types, with light bulbs as the light source and LEDs as the light source. The first-line brand chain mass-market KTV integrates the advantages of the two. The two effect lights are used interspersed, beautiful and not Appears messy. 4. Background decorative lights: there are string lights, starry sky curtains and acrylic light boxes, etc. The installation of background lights is not complicated. The key lies in the selection and matching of types. Century Tianyu has design experience in 30 stores. The choice of lighting has formed a mature selection standard, which can ensure the best lighting effect in all aspects.

5. Color-changing and dimming lamps: As the name suggests, it plays the role of changing colors and adjusting the light and shade of the environment. First-line brand chain mass-marketing KTV flexibly arranges the position of color-changing dimming lamps in the entire box lamps. complement each other. 6. Colored turntable lamp: it can be regarded as exclusive to the brand chain mass-marketed KTV, because color turntable lights are generally not seen in single-unit mass-marketed KTV stores. This kind of lamp seems magical. In fact, a turntable driven by a reversible motor is installed in front of the high-power spotlight, and various color light color papers are cast on the turntable. Using this kind of lamp can make the light color in the field change continuously, which can render well. The box atmosphere is an unmissable KTV decorative lamp. 7. Scanning light: This kind of lamp is divided into two types: single head and multi-head. The mass-marketing KTV collectively purchases multi-head scanning lights, which can not only make the light beam scan the whole venue in turn, but also create an exciting and psychedelic atmosphere. atmosphere.

Quantitative KTV Box Lighting Encyclopedia 8, Cosmic Revolving Light: The revolving lights of Yellow River Lighting stage lights have various shapes, such as round, diamond, olive and other types. The professional team has reasonable installation and design, and can sprinkle colored light on the entire box , the colors are extremely brilliant. 9. Beam light: small beam, big effect, the mass-market KTV flexibly plays the role of beam light, and can temporarily adjust the color according to each need, which is more in line with the personalized psychological needs of customers. 10. Turning lights: including single flying saucer turning lights, glass balls, and cosmic ball lights.

This kind of light needs to constantly change the light source, and the structure is relatively complicated. It is difficult to complete the setting of this kind of light in a single mass-market KTV, but this kind of light is effective in creating the atmosphere of the box. 11. Sound-activated strip-shaped stars: the lights can change and flash with the rhythm of the music. Baoledi's voice-activated starry sky lights are not only responsive, but also novel in design.

Mass-marketed KTV box lamps and lanterns Yellow River Lighting stage lighting design KTV uses a variety of lamps and lanterns. After careful design by a professional team, with the color matching of the box, it creates a shocking lighting effect, which is largely optimized. Customers' consumption experience, because the single mass-market KTV has no professional design for lamps, the lighting effects are often unsatisfactory, and it is difficult to leave customers with a refreshing feeling. It can neither attract new customers nor retain old customers. Such a predicament has made the operation of single mass-market KTVs bleak.

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