200W\230W beam light


On the stage, the use of 200W beam light is very common, it uses a high-end lens group, its performance is very excellent, it is very good in stage lighting. When using the 200W beam lamp, it is necessary to use a lamp, and there are many lamps in the market, each with its own advantages, and the editor believes that the 200W beam lamp should be equipped with an original lamp. Only the 200W beam lamp using the original lamp can better guarantee the service life of the lamp, but if the traditional transformer, trigger, and ballast are used to replace the original lamp, although the overall cost can be reduced too much, but in use It is easy to have unstable voltage, unstable power control, high bulb failure rate, and attenuated bulb life. This also shows that if the original lighter is not used, it is difficult to achieve a life of 2000 hours.

If other transformers, triggers, and ballasts can be used casually to replace the original lighting device, then we don't need to study the lighting device so hard. The 200W beam lamp not only needs to be equipped with an original lamp, but also has a good heat dissipation function, otherwise its service life will be greatly shortened, and the lamp may even be turned off. Usually, we should also master some methods to distinguish the quality of the heat dissipation system. For example, after lighting the lamp for 10 hours, check the lamp core. If you find that the lamp core is black or there is a white phenomenon around the lamp core, then it means that the heat dissipation is not good. The performance is not enough, it is easy to affect the service life of the bulb.

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