KTV bar super luxury private room lighting design case introduction


Some time ago, we learned some knowledge about the basic concepts of private room lighting design, which made us feel very practical. The case of private room lighting design that we want to share with you today is the information about the lighting design of luxury private rooms. Everyone knows that compared with the ordinary private rooms we have seen, the deluxe private room will have a larger area and more complete related configurations. For example, there may be a separate bathroom in a luxury private room.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to several things that need to be paid attention to in the lighting design of this kind of private room. ①Due to the relatively large area of ​​luxury private rooms, the lighting configuration is more reasonable, so we can sometimes consider different areas when designing lighting. It can be set according to the functional requirements of different regions.

② Strengthen the auxiliary lighting design of private rooms. Auxiliary lighting often not only provides lighting but also creates an atmosphere. For example, some small fiber optic lighting is properly configured in private rooms, and spotlights are configured in local areas; some lighting changes are produced on the ground and top surfaces, etc. Similar lighting design techniques. ③Pay attention to the lighting design of the more unusual areas in the private room, such as the lighting design of the bathroom area.

The bathroom should be an auxiliary place in this luxury private room, but sometimes it is precisely in the auxiliary area or in the details that can better reflect the grade and design level of a place. Therefore, it needs everyone's attention. In the bathroom lighting design, we can abandon the traditional design method to arrange a downlight, and the traditional mirror can also be innovative, and a relatively new design is to build an LED in our bathroom washbasin to produce elegant lighting. light color effect.

Different private rooms in KTV are different in lighting design. The above information is mainly for the lighting design of luxury private rooms. In the future, we will talk about lighting design of VIP private rooms and other packages I hope everyone can pay attention to the knowledge of room lighting design.

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