Why can't the beam light use the heat dissipation method of traditional lamps?


The beam light is mainly famous for its unique light source. The unique small-diameter cup bulb design and precise focusing and positioning principle of the beam light make the light efficiency extremely high. Therefore, its extremely high lumens also lead to its high calorific value. One of the reasons, this will also lead to an increase in the explosion rate of the 200W beam lamp in the early morning. Therefore, the heat dissipation method of the beam lamp is different from the traditional lamp heat dissipation method. Its wick is thinner and there is no outer isolation layer. Therefore, if the heat dissipation method of the traditional lamp is used for heat dissipation, the larger the heat dissipation, the better the mode. Absolutely not feasible, such heat dissipation will lead to continuous ionization of the bulb ionization arc, which will directly affect the service life of the bulb. If the heat dissipation of the bulb does not meet the standard, it will cause the bulb to blow up very easily. Therefore, this requires that this beam lamp must be There is a constant temperature system. Stage lighting manufacturers provide two current domestic heat dissipation methods, one is the ordinary traditional heat dissipation method, which only relies on a good fan to dissipate heat from the bulb, and at the same time cooperates with the temperature control switch synchronously, the second is an extremely high-end software constant temperature heat dissipation, That is to rely on some software to control the constant temperature of the fan. If the fan speed is slow or fails on the way, it will automatically turn off the bulb for protection and will not blow bubbles. Compared with the two methods, stage lighting manufacturers recommend using the latter, even if Using the former bulb does not cause bubbles, but it has a great impact on the life of the bulb.

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