How to use bubble machine in stage lighting equipment


The stage lighting also made five bubble machines with quite good effects, and their control switches were also fixed on the lamp holder of the follow spot. In this way, one of us can control the follow spot light, two smoke machines and five bubble machines at the same time. The advantage of doing this is that the distance between the lighting controller and the lighting controller, and between the lighting controller and the switching director is shortened, which is convenient for coordination and communication; the second is that the contradiction of fewer personnel is greatly alleviated.

The above are some simple experiences and practices we have accumulated over the years, hoping to play a role in attracting ideas, arousing the thinking of the majority of local TV colleagues, and solving practical problems in work by ourselves. The control line of each hood is only 5 meters long. When the stage lighting is used, two people are required to control it on the stage.

It is difficult to communicate with the director, and the smoke output rate of the two smoke machines is also inconsistent. In response to this situation, we have made the following improvements, lengthening the control line, the method is: use two five-core cables up to 30 meters long, and weld the five-core head (the control line of the hood is a five-core line). Lead along the walls on both sides of the stage to the equipment layer, and then lead to the side of the follow spot light from the equipment layer, and find two other work-core cables about 6 meters long.

When welding the female head of the five-core head, first find out the point control line of the hood (the control line of the hood has five cores, which are 1 grounding, 2 point control, 3 timing, 4 normally open, and 5 public power supply) and the public power line. Solder together when welding. Two 2-core cable wires. After welding, plug it with the original controller, and weld the two 2 cores.

The other end of the cable is connected to a double control switch. It should be noted that the two 2-core cables coming out from the control lines of the two hoods can only be connected to the dual-control switch with four contacts, so as not to cause the phase sequence of the power supply connected to the two hoods to be different. cause a short circuit fault. Fix the dual control switch for controlling the smoke machine on the handle of the follow spot light, and fix the two controllers of the original smoke machine on the light frame of the follow spot light.

While operating the follow spot light, you can also control the smoke machine.

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