Why is there such a big price gap for LED par lights?


At present, there are countless stage lighting manufacturers in the market, and the prices quoted by various manufacturers of lighting products vary greatly, which dazzles buyers and makes colleagues gnash their teeth. LED par lights are common and commonly used in the market, and everyone is familiar with them. He is an indispensable part of the stage lighting system, everyone sees the surface of the lamps and lanterns are the same.

Taking the 54pcs 3W waterproof par lights as an example, let me tell you how those low-cost lights are made. The structure of LED lamps mainly includes the following parts, namely lamp beads, radiators, power supplies, fans, motherboards, casings, lenses, wires, etc. If you want to keep the price low, you have to work hard on the materials.

1. Lamp beads - the price of LED lamp beads in the market is uneven. Why are some lamp beads sold so cheaply, and the price of some lamp beads varies by dozens of times? In fact, there is something tricky about it. First of all, its materials must be the worst. For example, copper wires are used instead of gold wires for soldering wires, and recycled materials or leftover materials are used for brackets. Consumers cannot judge these raw materials, and the problems will only be exposed after use. come out.

The second is to increase the use of power. Originally, the normal use power of the lamp bead may only be 1W or 0.75W. If the power is increased to 3W, it exceeds the use range. The initial brightness is very high, but it decays quickly, and it will be dark within a few months. The third is the false standard power, the standard is 3W lamp beads, the actual standard is replaced by 1W or 0.75W lamp beads, or even lower, this consumer generally did not test. 2. Radiator - when the lamp bead is working, it converts part of the electric energy into heat energy, and the heat dissipation is poor, which directly affects the service life of the lamp bead.

The radiator of the LED par lamp can be identified by the naked eye when the consumer disassembles the lamp housing. Now many par lamps on the market are equipped with very small and thin radiators, and even many merchants do not install radiators at all in order to compete for prices. As we all know, how can a high-power par lamp without a radiator ensure good heat dissipation? How can we ensure stable operation when the lamp beads are fully lit for a long time? 3. Power supply - Many low-priced power supplies on the market are false labels or use 108W low-cost power supplies that cannot drive the rated power of 180W par lamps. In fact, consumers can easily identify good or bad power supplies.

The transformers and power tubes on a good brand power supply are relatively large in size, and the overall look is full and textured; the arrangement of components and production technology are relatively good, and the overall look is clean, tidy and beautiful. Cheap and unsecured power supply designs cut corners, surge prevention, rectification and filtering, and steady flow can save energy, but if not, electronic components are also made of recycled materials, without considering the safety and stability of actual use. 4. Main board: - There are two kinds of driving main boards on the market, one is constant voltage driving board and the other is constant current.

The constant current motherboard has high stability, and the price is more than twice as expensive as the constant voltage one. Most of the low-cost LED par lights use constant-voltage garbage motherboards, which cannot protect the lamp body when the temperature rises, resulting in a greatly reduced service life of the LED lamps. Another is to save cost, and make the main board and display board into one.

5. Shell - cheap LED par lights use some impurity aluminum die-casting parts or thin aluminum sheets or even plastic shells, which are low in cost and have very poor heat dissipation conditions. Summary: As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, if you come across a manufacturer whose lamps are more than 40% cheaper than other normal manufacturers, don't be confused at this time. Buying cheap things is what everyone expects, but for things that are so much lower than the market price, you should more carefully confirm whether the various parameters described by the supplier are true, and you need to test it.

Outrageously low priced product for whatever reason the seller has. Because the very low price is not even enough for the cost, how can there be a qualified guarantee? .

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