Analysis of the development trend of the lighting and audio industry


For the lighting, audio and conference broadcasting system industry, the next five years will be an important development period. First of all, for the entire industry, the further increase in market concentration and the gradual change in the market share ratio of domestic and foreign brands will be an inevitable general trend. Several international and domestic well-known brands will gradually dominate the development direction of the entire industry, and some foreign and domestic brands will inevitably be eliminated; the market share of domestic brands relative to foreign brands will gradually increase, and it will also be the industry will show However, the overall process of catching up with domestic brands will continue for a long time.

Of course, such expectations for the overall industry are more based on the simultaneous advancement of major domestic manufacturers in many aspects such as products, technology, marketing and services. Faced with the aggressiveness of well-known foreign brands, domestic manufacturers can only avoid being eliminated and drive "Made in China" to go on and go out only by enriching and aggravating their own market competition chips from the most basic product and technology levels. In a mature market economy operating environment, both marketing and service play a role that cannot be underestimated. In contrast, domestic manufacturers have done relatively insufficient homework in this area, and the failure experience in past market practice has once again It shows that for domestic manufacturers whose products and technologies are still relatively weak, they should pay more attention to the external effects brought about by marketing and services, and it is necessary to raise these two factors to an equal level with products and technologies.

At the level of technical application in the design and manufacture of many industrial products, intelligence, networking, digitization and wireless are the overall development trends. For the professional audio lighting and conference broadcasting system industry, digital control based on network architecture, wireless signal transmission and the intelligence of the overall control of the system will gradually occupy the mainstream in the process of technology application. At the same time, in terms of product appearance design, it will further integrate into international trends and trends, both internally and externally, to further narrow the gap with foreign well-known brands in the level of cognition and recognition on the demand side, so as to gain more access to major national projects. Opportunity.

In general, for a long period of time in the future, the development prospects of the domestic professional audio lighting and conference broadcasting system industry are quite encouraging. The strong growth of external demand, the competitive interaction of domestic and foreign manufacturers and the continuous improvement of market and industry norms all indicate that the industry will usher in a new round of rapid growth. Of course, there are also unfavorable factors for the industry. In recent years, the continuous rise in the price of upstream raw materials has put forward higher requirements for the ability of manufacturers to control operating and management costs. Scale and powerful manufacturers have shown certain comparative advantages.

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