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Most of the domestic waterproof LED lights are now mainly 54. When it comes to waterproof lights, the most important thing is its stability. However, there are several aspects to pay attention to when making waterproof lights: First, the first thing to bear the brunt is of course the switching power supply. The formal way is to use a power supply with pfc. One of the important reasons is that dozens of waterproof lights are often used in series.

In such a case, the mutual interference of the power supply will expand, which may directly affect the signal, causing the occasional flashing of the lights and so on. Of course, it can be dealt with by software, but it cannot be completely eliminated. How to deal with it can be discussed with me in detail.

Moreover, the efficiency of the switching power supply with pfc is higher than that of the general switching power supply without it. So the price is more expensive. For example, a 150W switching power supply without pfc is 200 yuan, and the one with pfc will go to 300 yuan. However, some manufacturers will not take these into account in order to maximize profits.

Second, it is the choice of lamp beads. Because domestic LEDs are used by relatively few people due to price factors. Generally only large companies use it, but with the decline in production costs (mainly the price of LED lamp beads), it is not far from popularization.

Generally, the domestic self-produced lamp beads are of the best quality according to my own understanding, because they should belong to Tianxin (there are some I don’t know much about), such as Edison in Taiwan, Cree in the United States (used for stage lighting) There are still relatively few), Osram osram and Korean semiconductors. This is the most important link that affects the most important cost (more than 50%) and life-span luminous efficiency of a lamp. The selection of whether a lamp shines well or not takes up at least 70% of the lamp beads.

It is found that many domestic customers buy lamps regardless of the price and never care about others. If you don’t know anything, the lower your price is, the more you will lose, because the price difference between a good lamp bead and a bad lamp bead should be several times or even ten times that of the counterfeit version. Tianxin's lamp beads are about 1/4 lower than Edison's luminous efficiency, and Edison's is 1/3 lower than Hanban's (I tested it myself, and it is not surprising that there are differences).

Many customers will ask me which is better, so I will definitely say that the higher the price, the better. In fact, it depends on your own needs. If you only play 15 meters, I will tell you that Tianxin is enough. If you play 20 meters, Eddie Sen's is enough, if you hit 30 meters, you can use Han Ban's. No matter what lamp bead you choose, you should start from your own reality and the price. No matter how bright your single lamp is, the range is still there. You can’t match the range of my two lamps.

You can't use LEDs as laser lights, can you? Three, craft. Large factories have their own chip mounters and lamp beads are reflow soldered with chip mounters. Why do we say that small factories can’t do it? Small factories generally don’t have these equipment (but they can be processed outside). Many people will not send out for processing, after all, the price is there.

They all smear heat-dissipating silicone under the LED, so short-term use is ok, but the LED generates a lot of heat and your silicone will dry out. In addition, the contact with the aluminum substrate does not belong to the kind of direct heat transfer through metal welding, but through the medium of heat dissipation silica gel. Due to the slow heat conduction, the LEDs of these manufacturers often die after half a year. The light is much lower than the brightness. The light decay of led is directly related to heat dissipation, so we must pay attention to this.

Fourth, the choice of lens. Different manufacturers of LED lamp beads generally use different lenses, which may be related to the angle of light emission. There is no detailed research.

Anyway, the manufacturer has recommendations, but it does not mean that the recommended ones are necessarily the best. It depends on you to take an illuminance meter and try it slowly. Try mixing colors. Why are the LEDs made by some manufacturers very well-proportioned, and some manufacturers look like two circles on the outside, with a brighter here and a darker one in the middle? .

Some people say that LED is very simple, just use it to compare the brightness, how bright you want to give you a current of 1A, and then buy it for me again after half a year. The standard 700~750ma is the practice of large factories. Small factories give customers 800ma to compare the brightness. I will give you 1A. You can buy mine. Heat dissipation and current are things that affect the life of LED lamp beads. Many People bought it and said that it was a lot darker in half a year or even a month or two, mostly because of these two problems. 5. The choice of the number of LEDs. Many people asked me if you have made more than 108 waterproof ones. I said no and I was very depressed because I lost an order.

Of course, I am not saying that 108 pieces are not good. Why 54 has become the mainstream because heat dissipation is a very important aspect of waterproof lights, because how big is the heat sink when you make 108 waterproof lights, and is it necessary for you to install it with several people? Now everyone is using the method developed by the manufacturer first, open a mold and then find a professional manufacturer of radiators to buy the radiator, cut it and lock it with screws at the bottom of the lamp head. I don’t need to say the three most important elements of heat dissipation. Junior high school physics: 1. The temperature of the contact surface (this is the outside temperature and there is no way to do it. If you are awesome, you can put it in the refrigerator), the air flow rate (some manufacturers use this, make a big tube with a fan inside, and then If you do this to dissipate heat, the big problem is that you don’t realize that the inside is sealed and you still have to rely on the outer contact surface to dissipate heat no matter how you turn it). 3. We usually increase the contact area and find a professional heat sink manufacturer to produce the heat sink. You will say why not make it into one (the problem is here that the die-casting aluminum process cannot press a very thin heat sink). It can be said The higher the density and thinner your heat sink is, the better the heat dissipation will be.

Of course, there are other ways to actively dissipate heat besides the fan. Once I saw a vibrating heat dissipator made abroad. He just vibrated the heat sink at a high speed and regularly, and the effect was quite good. When you put your hand next to it, you can feel the wind blowing out. But the price is also pretty good. I hope it can be used in China in the future, as the cooling pipe of the graphics card is also a good method, it seems that someone has adopted it.

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