How to distinguish the use of beam lights and pattern lights


Review the supply and purchase of the domestic stage lighting market, shake the headlights and beam lamp positions. If there is no shaking head light or beam lamp on the stage today, it seems that it is not fashionable and advanced. So what are the characteristics of these two lamps? What is the difference between them? The lamp is a discharge bulb.Because the golden halide lamp used in the beam lamp is small and the utilization rate of light efficiency is higher, even if the power is not very high, it can get very bright light.It is much larger than the light beam lamp.Assume that a pattern light can illuminate an adult, then a beam lamp cannot illuminate a child.Second, the difference between the light beam lamp is the light cylinder, and a bright light cylinder is the pursuit of the beam light; the headlight should actually be said to be the pattern of the discharge bulb. EssenceThird, due to the difference in light efficiency, the actual distance of the use of a huge difference is tha t the use distance recommended by the beam lamp should be 12 meters away, and the use range of the pattern light is 5 meters.In Chuangyi's production workshop, it feels real. When the beam light is shining close, it is easy to form a sense of dizziness, and the light is too bright. So think about it, if in a bar with a height of only three to five meters, the beam light on the head of the guests shakes like a probe lamp, and the irradiated guests are dizzy. How many people can accept it? Whether you can accept it, I can't accept it anyway. And the headlight will not feel like this. Selecting the headlight on this occasion is a wise choice. The beam and pattern can appear to form a good atmosphere. The guests who do not follow are uncomfortable, bringing them discomfort. On the contrary, in a high studio, the width beam corner of the headlights makes the lights darker, and the effect of the light cannot be achieved. In this occasion, the beam lamp must be used. Therefore, the use of beam lamp s and shake headlights should also be selected according to the actual distance and effect. Fourth, different beam lamps are applied to scenes with explosive power, such as close-up of the opening show and singing and dancing, with frequent flashing, make a passionate visual impact effect. And the headlights are more of the art that shows soft and intellectuality, and can be remembered in the slow and slow dance. Through the combination of different colors and patterns, it forms a soft and gorgeous scene, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere..

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