Introduction of lamps and lanterns commonly used in KTV private room design


A successful KTV design must have attractive highlights. If the advantages of the KTV club itself cannot be reflected, no amount of special design can just meet the design requirements. Lighting effects are a must in KTV decoration, and good lighting design in KTV can create a cheerful atmosphere.

Moving head light is a high-tech product integrating electronics, machinery and optics. It is mainly composed of three major systems: optics, mechanics, electricity and program control.

The optical system design mainly considers the luminous flux utilization rate of the light source. It is characterized by compactness, high brightness, high color temperature, good color rendering, and the ability to maintain a relatively stable color temperature during the dimming process of the light source.

Strobe lights are mainly LED. LED strobe light is characterized by durability, no need to replace the lamp tube, mostly voice-activated mode, and plays a strobe role in KTV boxes.

There are two types of pattern effect lights. One light source is a light bulb, such as the pattern effect produced by the pattern plate, and the pattern is more vivid. Another light source is LED, the pattern is more regular.

Beam light: As a new type of lighting fixture, the beam light has the characteristics of small size, strong beam, and good spotlight effect. When in use, it can also temporarily adjust the color according to the need, and continuously change the brightness through the control of the dimming console to achieve The light and color contrast of the box has a strong effect.

Turning lights: including single flying saucer turning lights, glass balls, and cosmic ball lights. This kind of light needs to constantly change the light source, and the structure is relatively complicated. It needs to be controlled by a combination of program-controlled switches, which is effective in creating the atmosphere of the box.

Sound-activated striped baby's breath: this kind of lamp has the characteristics of novel design and reasonable mechanism, and is also extremely sensitive. The light can change, flash and move with the rhythm of the music.

By using colored glass instead of traditional color paper, the color of the lamp can be made more vivid. This kind of lamp has good transparency, high temperature resistance, not easy to aging and relatively low cost.

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