The details that cannot be ignored in KTV lighting design


As a leisure and entertainment place suitable for all ages, KTV is very popular among the people. However, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the configuration of KTV and entertainment venues are also getting higher and higher. Fashionable and beautiful lighting design can add a lot of color and bring better results to the operation of the entire venue. But it should be noted that the lighting design of different locations in the KTV place is different!

It is generally used for reception or a place for everyone to rest.

When designing lighting in this area, you need to pay attention to the choice of light color. Generally speaking, it is more inclined to choose lighting that can bring out yellow lights, because yellow lights can create a sense of expanse, can invigorate the spirit and help eliminate and reduce eye fatigue. Of course, when designing this aspect of lighting, you can also choose according to your own hall decoration color and make a reasonable color match.

Design has gradually become a major factor affecting customers' choices.

The private room is the key point in the whole KTV lighting design scheme. Therefore, many KTV operators attach great importance to the lighting design of this area.

When designing, it must not only meet its lighting function, but also give it a color design. Everyone has a fashion vibe. Therefore, when designing light, many methods can be used.

For example, smart light controllers are used to control the light in different situations to entertain guests.

Although the corridor is not the main KTV area, it is also a place where people must pass. Therefore, in the lighting design, the lighting design of the corridor is also very important.

Rich, layered and artistic colors can create a friendly atmosphere. Cheerful lighting can be considered when designing this aspect of lighting. For example, light strips are very popular now.


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